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  1. I miss Halo. I may buy a xbox one just to play halo 3 with my friends for old time sake. It'd be dope if they reset all ranks.
  2. Anyone happen to know where the best deal currently is to buy a Xbox One?
  3. Tyler

    NFL Thread

    they just found out he is actually living with josh gordon now. :dank:
  4. when halo kids still think adderall gives someone an advantage, ahaha.
  5. I'll be honest, I gave up on Halo after Halo 3 competitively..but I played a few games of Reach, and then tried H4 at midnight release, and then realized that 343 is always going to be making games for the newer players, and didn't really care much about the older players where the fan base was at.. I have never played Halo 5, and I don't even own a Xbox One. I have a playstation 4, but honestly I wish there was a good Halo game out where I could actually play competitively again...then I would definitely come back to Xbox/Halo.
  6. Yeah, that is the only gaming I usually do..apart from PS4, but thats mainly my netflix4. CPU gaming 4 lyf
  7. Xbox was my #1 with all the Halo series, until Reach/H4 then I finally pursued a PS4 after giving up totally on Halo. I have been out of the loop for some time now, and was wondering if it's even worth getting back into such as a Xbox One with Halo 5 release approaching? I don't know what to expect. Can someone provide me with some opinions whom are in the same situation as I am? Thanks yo!
  8. Wish this existed in the 2015.
  9. Tyler

    NFL Thread

    I'd take Mettenberger over Mariota any given Sunday.
  10. Saban probably got a bit more strict after that loss. Curfew is probably 5pm. Haha
  11. Tyler

    NFL Thread

    Titans are lucky they have Mettenberger.
  12. Weird. I just moved back here.
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