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  1. Went to look at tickets and they are all sold out. Anyone know if there is a third party site I can buy some from?
  2. I'm a committed player looking for a team to compete in tournaments. I've had a hard time in the past find solid members that have the determination and the ability to compete at a high level. I am Onyx in all game types, except for SWAT(haven't put the time in to get higher). Max team Arena at 1750 Team Slayer 1850. I am on most days 3pm-9pm EST but time is flexible if need be. If you, or a team are interested shoot me a message to my GT dangerous ret, and we can try some practice.
  3. Onyx in all game modes except for swat ( haven't put in the time since placings were strict). Highest ratings onyx 1850 arena slayer Onyx 1730 team arena i'm a vocal and committed player to the game. I'm looking for a team that is looking to play competitive and enjoys the game. i'm on most afternoons/evenings. If you have any more questions feel free to message me. GT is dangerous ret.

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