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  1. Hail the mighty explainer! No sarcasm, your videos/streams are helping me understand/play a lot better.
  2. Yeah I tried all the usual steps, switching to WiFi rather than wired seems to fix it but I'd rather not play like that. Was working last night before update.
  3. Came home to play some Halo, and after it updated all playlists say "Could not find a server that was suitable for all members of your fireteam" Anybody any idea what's going on?
  4. Yeah it feels different I wouldn't know how to explain it, left stick is much more important to aiming I've realised though. Sniper is fun and the pistol/br are awesome. Looking forward to getting better.
  5. So after the hype at the weekend I had to go buy the game, haven't played consistently since 3. My first thought is it's the hardest Halo i've played in terms of aiming, that could be mostly my awful connection/lack of practice. I got placed at Gold 5 so that probably says enough, I don't know exactly how ranks work, really fun game though.
  6. Chat's usually the worst but "German Girl > Benson" gave me a laugh.
  7. I don't even play Halo 5 at the moment and I've been caught back up in all the Halo hype, something's definitely different now.
  8. Genuinely don't know if I was talking to a bot...but hopefully betting on Halo for real money isn't far away.
  9. Betway have had esports betting for a while and have odds for COD world league, hopefully they add Halo in the near future.
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