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  1. Franchising is going to kill esports. Hopefully 343 don't fall for this crap in infinite if it's a halfway decent game. Edit: it just feels like these companies are just trying to project the norms of regular American sports onto gaming and I feel it's going to fail horribly. Culturally deaf
  2. When halo 5 came out in was 15 and when halo infinite comes out I will be 20 and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.
  3. Honestly if you read about the development of cyberpunk you won't be surprised if it turns out to be disappointing.
  4. On a positive note it seems the new infinite trailer has generated more buzz than pretty much everything besides Cyberpunk2077 if the YouTube metrics are anything to go off.
  5. Yes, but each iteration after the original is assigned a different code like discord
  6. My insight "We need to run!" "No, we need to fight." No Sprint confirmed bois
  7. Seeing a lot of people saying things along the lines of "I don't care if sprint is in" and every variation of this comment just reads like someone suffering from Stockholm syndrome.
  8. Imagine if you told people playing reach in 2010 that it will take 9 years for Halo Reach to have a ranked MLG playlist with no bloom no sprint.
  9. "Outside of the more unified social experience, we currently plan to launch with two ranked playlists for Reach. The first is a ranked hardcore playlist with a format which will be familiar to fans of the existing H3 and H2C Hardcore playlists. Reach Hardcore will feature zero-bloom-no-sprint (ZBNS) settings across a collection of MLG V7 map and game variants. Our internal Pro Team is aiding us in locking down the final lineup here."
  10. Someone start an argument about something asinine I can't take it anymore.

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