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  1. Halo doesn't have the reach for franchising and it's also incredibly lame and superficial. Always thought that since they first did it in Overwatch.
  2. They exaggerate the flaws in the h3s BR because as a cope for being bad players. Believing every fight is a "'coin toss", or "guesswork" is just tacit admission that they don't understand the game
  3. Double post, but I'd like to say there's way too many people that think HCS is gonna move to PC in infinite.
  4. Onslaught flag is worse than Amplified TS change my mind
  5. Please stop engaging the with TheSaltPrincess. It's pointless and shits up the thread with asinine bs.
  6. Bro if I mute someone's posts them being quoted shouldn't show up either.
  7. Reach had my favourite snipe. Felt intuitive without doing everything for you like h4/5.
  8. Pretty neutral on weapon hitmarkers to be honest, but I think it's good we have consensus that nade hitmarkers need to go.
  9. Yeah, but the game doesn't hold your hand through the experience so on the balance of things H5 is better
  10. I didn't even play halo when H3 was the big thing and I can honestly say I enjoy playing H3 over H5 even with the issues it has online (I think people exaggerate their prevelance as a cope for being bad, but you can't deny they exist fundamentally).

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