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  1. Yeah, but the game doesn't hold your hand through the experience so on the balance of things H5 is better
  2. I didn't even play halo when H3 was the big thing and I can honestly say I enjoy playing H3 over H5 even with the issues it has online (I think people exaggerate their prevelance as a cope for being bad, but you can't deny they exist fundamentally).
  3. EU out in top 12 3-0. 5-4 heretic, 50-47 narrows and 250-244 Construct. Sucks
  4. my local smash tournaments with 25 competitors and 15 viewers has less issues than this
  5. yeah people seem to forget how trash the xb1 is. Microsofts acquisition of a bunch of developers might suggest that they're gonna try and U-turn next gen so hopefully come halo infinite we won't have to deal with "OpenHCS60" or whatever.
  6. Unless I'm mistaken the average viewership for this has actually been slightly than the Friday h5 events lol
  7. Tuned into to see people standing still on heretic. Good to be back.
  8. My prediction is it will start out mediocre because of the platform switch, but over the course of the weekend it will pickup quite well. Hoping for maybe 25-30k on Sunday but it could easily be as 10-15k.

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