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  1. Ya 343 made a terrible Halo game. People went to events in the past. (AGL) Now people want to leave when 343 is hinting a HUGE maybe Team-Based Global Championship? Seems idiotic to me. Also, God Bless GH057ayame for what he's done.
  2. Not sure if anyone posted this yet but i'm curious to know what this actually means. Why would 343 be monitoring Team Throwdown, for what reason? They must've had some soon plans for competitive community. If so, everybody has made a TERRIBLE mistake moving to Halo 3. The population on Team Throwdown is currently DEAD, 20-70 players. If you ask me, thats not even worth monitoring. We have smacked and kicked 343 in the balls. All the pros will be LUCKY AS FUCK if they announce another Global Championship. 34:30 - 36:25 WATCH BEFORE YOU POST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtxrMWZfFIQ
  3. Thank you kind sir, I will add those to the list.
  4. I managed to post it on Waypoint, haven't gotten a response from anyone yet. https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst228289_TO-343i--What-we-WANT-and-NEED.aspx
  5. Quinn DelHoyo has viewed this. via Twitter response. I think the size would be to big for the Waypoint Forums but ill try
  6. Not even sure if i'm aloud to post this but I will anyway. (If I am tell me so I can edit this out.) I'm sorry it had to be this way babe, we've broken up and gotten back together several times. I just don't see together in the future. Maybe in the next lifetime. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkaMYQF503A Try to keep it clean.
  7. This was made so we can come together as a community to come up with ideas together. Lists are suppose to be getting bigger. Iv'e had a couple things suggested already and they where added to their appropriate areas. I don't want to see you guys bitching and moaning about anything. If you have anything to suggest that will make things better in the next title that aren't already on any of the lists, then feel free to express yourself. If you don't, then refrain from posting.
  8. Ill make it easy for you. Weapons and Damage. You will get your CE Pistol with this and any other gun you wish to fine tune. That only, if you know how to. Movement: Sprint: Enabled/Disabled (Debatable whether if they should just completely remove it) Sprint Speed: 0% - 500%/Unchanged (Different then than Player Speed, to make only Sprint Speed adjustable) Stutter While Sprinting, While Getting Shot: Enabled/Disabled (Not sure what to call it) Crouching: Enabled/Disabled Weapons and Damage: Descope: Enabled/Disabled Flinch: Enabled/Disabled Lowered Weapons: Enabled/Disabled Hit Scan: Enabled/Disabled Rapid Fire: 1 – 500%/Default (Guns shoot faster or slower this is just for fun, why not? J) Pummel: Enabled/Disabled Pummel Speed: 1 – 10 Seconds/Unchanged Bloom: Enabled/Disabled Bloom %: 0 – 100%/Unchanged Recoil: Enabled/Disabled Recoil %: 0 – 100%/Unchanged Drop Weapon: Enabled/Disabled (a certain button formula, maybe Back + Y) Aim Assist: Disabled/Enabled Aim Assist %: 0 – 100%/Unchanged Scoping: Enabled/Disabled Throw Grenade: Enabled/Disabled Other: Anything that has a Time or Percentage should be able to be modified to a specific single decimal margin but limited to a certain number. (ex. 69.9 Seconds or 117.7%) (If possible, testing gametypes would make things very precise)
  9. Just stating facts. Sadly, we will never see a weapon like that ever again in Halo. It would be possible, IF YOU GUYS ACTUALLY TOOK A SECOND TO LOOK AT MY SETTINGS.
  10. http://news.softpedia.com/news/Bungie-Co-Founder-Talks-About-Halo-1-s-Pistol-Recreating-the-Original-Halo-Today-366684.shtml Bungie themselves didn't agree with how powerful the CE Pistol was.
  11. The typical Halo kids aren't seeing the picture. A few little settings changes would make it return to the old days, but if you actually looked at the things I added in, it would make it even better with it being more accessible. I look it at from a bigger picture. The immense power of the Xbox One compared to 360 is astounding. We need to make sure 343 takes advantage of that.
  12. You didn't read the quotes correctly. The kid wanted faster kill times after the Turbo update and I disagree with that. This isn't CoD
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