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  1. Sooooo stoked !!!! This is going to be epic halo history so happy to be a part of it and going to be a good time on these forums. Let's goooo
  2. Lol classic move I've done that way too many times and it's oh so worth the risk
  3. Was a tough experience for a long time halo player / supporter watching things go down at g4g. I could tell they were trying everything they could to make things work for us, but I guess the issues really were too much and sad to see it cancelled in the end. I felt so much hype being back at my first Lan in years i was going to be filming video of the halo event and all things related to the halo scene and then making some form of short film kind of showcasing the event / everyone competing and within the halo arena. Bummed for sure, the event is for a great cause so I'm happy I was able to contribute towards the bigger picture of things, but definitely was so geared for halo.
  4. Astro 4v4 tourney is full for tomorrow at 128 teams :/ I guess should have signed up right when I saw it I'm sure that's what most people did to save a spot fvck!!
  5. What's your gamer tag I Have a teammate
  6. Hey man I've played with you before, gamer tag is Mlnimega I live in Michigan and am going to g4g regarldes let me know if you want to get a team going for that.
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