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  1. That was so fun man. Genuienly the most fun I’ve ever had at an event. Crowd was awesome, gameplay was awesome and I witnessed a four man cannon in a championship deciding game.
  2. Was great fun casting this amazing game. Also pretty humbling to commentate on people I looked up to growing up and who got me into esports. Apologies for fumbling my words on that last cap of the series, literally the worst thing ever :D
  3. Did that actually just happen... Fuck I love H3. Fuck I love Roy.
  4. Splyce have some of the best teamwork in the game sheesh. Just because they dont verbally co-ordinate things it does mean it doesnt exist. You really think that being able to 5 someone means you can win games? From speaking with them at the event, one of the best things they said after the camera had stopped rolling for the interview was 'Everyone is still trying to play Halo 3. There's only us and TOX who can play Halo 5'. Their baiting and switching is legitimately insane cmon now. You dont win 4 events back to back with poor teamwork.
  5. For the hardcore, yes it can get repetitive for a title that has been out for so long. But also remember that there are always new people watching. Always people who dont know what is going on, and always those who are interested in learning more. Its a balance we have to strike.
  6. No player cams was a tech restriction for this event. Hopefully the games flowed quicker day 2 and 3. We did have extra desk time to try and use more editorial and feature pieces to build stories in this event, and in my personal opinion it worked. Yes, we can still improve but we had to try something different to see how it would work.
  7. More series tomorrow, more gameplay, more action I promise. Hope you guys did enjoy the features. Tried to emphasise hearing from the players this event, their stories, how they see things. Any other feedback as alway lmk.
  8. Had lots of fun making this with LVP - Check out our survival guide to London for everyone travelling the event
  9. Hope you are all enjoying the content in the lead up to London. We will be releasing lots more content day by day until London is here!
  10. Hello friends, With London just a week or so away now, we made a cool little promo. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Was a blast. Ethan is a boss. Thanks for having me once again.
  12. Sup my dudes, hope you all enjoyed day one! Lost my voice last night so had to be careful today, more hype coming tomorrow I promise xxx
  13. Hey guys! LVP and myself sat down and talked about our initial reactions to the Halo Infinite news, check it out here!
  14. Yes, ill make you a bed up at the arena if you fancy it.
  15. Note for anyone considering attending HCS London this September, feel free to drop me a DM on twitter or on here to be added to the FA list. This goes for anyone thinking of coming over, wherever in the world you are https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SdidgaimJmAgOK7HnlwKNrkKQcCIn3iRgvyvVBDmO-w/edit#gid=0
  16. Actually excited to see some pro player streams (Hopefully) with the new settings / maps. A refresh was certainly needed after worlds, and its good to see pros heavily involved with the settings decisions. PS...God I hope sanc makes the cut...
  17. Morning everyone! If you are heading to the venue today, I want to see as many signs as possible in the crowd. Best one gets a cuddle.
  18. Note on listen ins, whenever I am casting there will 100% be more. Its down to the caster to call for it, and its something i've made a note of personally to use more. Sometimes you just get wrapped up in the game and forget you have some tools at your disposal (being brutally honest here no excuses). Pretty sure every series in Cbus I casted had at least a listen in once with both teams, but as one of my favourite things to hear as a viewer will for sure be calling for them more.
  19. After missing out last year I'm so pumped to be involved in this years finals! Also shoutout to @@Gaskin @@Lottie Praagy08 and Clutch for being there, 100% well deserved! ITS LIKE A WEEK AWAY AHHHHHHHHH Edit - Gold Bar hype, what a time to be alive!
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