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  1. Wow that's actually a pretty good idea
  2. To be fair, some of the non-HCS maps may play very differently with this new radar. This new playlist is the best way to test it out.
  3. moar emma watson plz would it be weird if we had an emma watson gif only thread? or is it actually the best idea i've ever heard?
  4. 3 platinum/ gold scrubs looking for a 4th to run arena. Gt is jtc00ky if anyone is interested. It's gonna be fun.
  5. Yeah it is. Not sure about it being competitively viable or whatever like some people care about. But it's more fun than normal RTS in my eyes and it keeps the games short and sweet.
  6. Yeah I think as long as all the issues are ironed out by the time the pro bracket starts it's all good.
  7. Snakebite's leadership is what really stands out to me. I'll admit that I don't watch every team play, and his voice is more recognizable than most, but you can always hear him calling out strats and trying to pick the team up if they start tilting or something. He deserves to have a "C" patch on his jersey like Charlie Conway in the Mighty Ducks.
  8. This makes a lot of sense. Very good point.
  9. Ditto. That's why it makes absolutely no sense to me how they have such high viewership. Insane.
  10. Seriously, Ryanoob is the best. Not even currently on a pro team and churning out so many videos.
  11. Lacking any sense of organization? What, you didn't memorize the order that you unlocked each helmet over the past 14 months?
  12. This sounds awesome. Got a few buddies who would probably be down to do it too.
  13. Yo yo add me to the list I'll be playing most of the night tonight really looking forward to trying this out. GT: jtc00ky
  14. Y'all doing Evolved customs tonight? Would really love to try that. Edit: Nvm I saw there's an Evolved thread now I'll post there.
  15. Yeah I'm pretty sure I saw someone post a vid of Lethul saying they were going to patch it. It is a pain in the butt.
  16. So Cratos is the worst, Ryanoob is the best and needs to find a team he can actually fit in with for christ's sake, Commonly's killamanjaro was absolutely amazing, and he's only a problem if you can make a good pun and/or meme about it. Today on Beyond is already so much better than yesterday, let's keep it up.
  17. They definitely will. Especially with Warzone Turbo this weekend. Pretty disgusting.
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