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  1. What is really sick with the LG is the knockback you can do to people. Too bad halo doesnt have it
  2. Well keep in mind that you usually wont get a quick kill with LG due to armor and the fact that you typically wouldnt take a full kill with just LG. it can be a crazy fast kill at 120 dps but hitting every cell on a person that is dodging is extremely difficult
  3. Wow stop band wagoning..........no radar wont make you a better player. Lulululululul
  4. Im just waiting for him to tweet some bs like "sorry for the way I was acting on twitter last night. I was drunk". As if he didnt actually mean all the stuff he said
  5. If you dont want the same thing I want then you are bad and band wagoning #spartanlogic
  6. Wanting changes to be made in a game = ungrateful #spartanlogic
  7. Nah nah you right you right because old epsi is back and mose is going to pulse
  8. c9 XDDDDDD. na LoL in 2016 EleGiggle
  9. Lmaoooo stop....c9 cant beat samsung
  10. Even though they lost the game against g2 stejos' movement on elise at their red buff trying to stay alive to the irelia was fucking disgusting.
  11. So are you saying that expanded and balanced arent sever options? Because they are and this problem still happens
  12. Ah so we are just pretending that meteos isnt a dumpster fire...I see
  13. When you are in the hitbox chat for eu pro league and the guy from moneymatches says that EU doesnt even deserve to play against NA 0_0. Forgot to post this
  14. Because everytime they start a scrim someone goes to eat dinner and then they stop scrimming. Other various stupid reasons like that as well
  15. Signing to LG *facepalm* so we are just ignoring what they did to the current sk cs roster and that they are a really scum org. K den
  16. You can't blame the players when the scene is basically set up to fail
  17. Finally gets an open lan and then complains. Stop you whiny fuck
  18. "They're probably a fraud or a scam" then follows it with a personal attack.....bitch are you done yet
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