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  1. If you think Naded or Devon are anywhere near Ninja's level in Halo 5 . . . yikes. They are not on top teams in this game for a reason. As everyone else has shown in stats, and as can be seen watching his streams, he plays a key role on all his teams. His damage output is absurd, his communication is good. Sure, he can be inconsistent, but as Penguin himself said when he is on he is easily one of the top players in Halo 5.
  2. No, YOU displayed most things wrong with Twitch chats. Using emotes of a pro halo player to support that player in the stream of the pro league should be encouraged, not given a 10 minute ban like it did when I simply used ninjaH 4 times. You should be banning the people using the racist quotes, or commenting negatively about a player's appearance. Hateful comments are what should be discouraged, never support. About the matches, Ninja's Rig slayer game was insane. Glad that even Elamite got so hyped up during and after the game. E6's comeback was pretty surprising after they got crushed in the first two games. CLG definitely are beatable, but they are clearly the best team still.
  3. So much this. It was almost completely meaningless other than a start-of-the-map jump. Otherwise you almost never have time or opportunity to use them. All of the people complaining absolutely blows my mind.
  4. Awesome. Thank you so much for the quick reply and for engaging with the community.
  5. So we are about 100 hours away from X Games starting, and I am still a bit confused. Are the teams originally invited still all going, and can they use their new rosters? Would like to hear from Lenox or someone confirming.
  6. Awesome! Yeah, very few seem to know about it, or just assume it's like a Telltale game. I had one of my good friends get it recently and he's obsessed with it. Glad you are liking it.
  7. So winterfox seems to have a 4th, just could not get it in, but they're working with MLG support to get in. They'll be fine, I imagine.
  8. Yes. They added the huge money-only req bundles and likely made millions. The prize pool should be at least over 3 million by now, closer to 5.
  9. Gonna cheat a bit and have two for each. Games of the year - Until Dawn (PS4) Life is Strange (PC/ XB1/ PS4) Most anticipated - Quantum Break (XB1) Outlast 2 (PC/ XB1/ PS4)
  10. Well, I mean Lenox did post in here yesterday with the schedule and matchups, so one could assume they are set with the originally invited teams. But with how many changes happened, who knows? Perhaps they are waiting for rosters to lock, just as everyone else is at this point, ha. Anything could happen, as this week has shown.
  11. You need to re-evaluate your life choices. Anyway - cup begins at 2pm, right? Still wondering what X-Games is going to say regarding rosters/ invited teams. Original rosters only? New teams have to be invited after final points standings/ rosters today? Hmm.
  12. Friday Allegiance vs Epsilon (3-0 Allegiance) CLG vs PENTA (3-0 CLG) Leftovers vs Team Liquid (3-1 Leftovers) Evil Geniuses vs Dream Team (3-1 EG) Saturday Leftovers vs. Epsilon (3-0 Leftovers) Dream Team vs. PENTA Sports (3-1 Dream Team) Team Allegiance vs. Team Liquid (3-1 Allegiance) Evil Geniuses vs. CLG (3-2 CLG) Food Break Team Liquid vs. Epsilon (3-1 Liquid) Evil Geniuses vs. PENTA Sports (3-0 EG) Team Allegiance vs. Leftovers (3-2 Leftovers) CLG vs. Dream Team (3-1 CLG) Ughhh. Sorry for the formatting/ coloring issue.
  13. Uhhhhhh, what? Stellur reached out to them in the first place. Confirmed by multiple sources. The entire OpTic team was cool with it as well. And Mikwen was on a team of 2. Ninja never attempted to "steal" anyone from anyone. And as Chig goes, he missed a few practice sessions and it seemed to be a decision of the whole team to move on to Hysteria who could be on every day. There was never bad blood.
  14. Never seen anything like this. One move creates over a dozen others among top teams. Crazy.
  15. "Mikwen bailed again, guys" Ninja just said on stream. What is happening? Could be trolling, but mood dropped very quickly in the last few minutes. Hard to watch.
  16. Hey everyone. My name is Jeff, my gamertag on Xbox is Truth Ls A Liar. I had "Truth is a Liar" for years until my account got hacked and the name was reported and xbox won't give it back. But anyway... I'm 29, I have taught English for 5 years at a local community college. I've been gaming all my life, and my gamerscore is nearly 200,000 so I'm quite the gaming nerd. I make achievement guides and walkthroughs on youtube. Other than that, I love the Halo series. It's been my favorite MP series for a decade. I've made 8 montages and am working on a new one. My favorite games in general are Alan Wake, Until Dawn, Dark Cloud, Life is Strange and L.A. Noire. In the past I was editor in chief of vVv gaming's forums, a co-admin of the Eve gaming forums, and a longtime member of other various forums. I have been following beyond for a while, and decided to finally sign up. Thanks for having me. And, full disclosure, I am a huge fan of Ninja and a sub of his, haha, so in terms of pro halo teams, Leftovers/ Renegades/ whatever the team will be is my favorite right now. Loved Carbon back in the halo 2 days. - Jeff
  17. Ninja streaming in the next hour or two most likely - tweeted he's just going food shopping and moving some things from his old apartment. The question is, of course, will we learn who the 4th is, and if it's Mikwen, as everyone believes, will they be nV?
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