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  1. how do I go back to studying after seeing this, goddamit Lethul
  2. but if Flame is busy doing that nonsense, then whose going to make all the neccesary motorcycle videos or prank Nadeshot? or film Munchie Mondays
  3. Remember when aPG joined Optic during MCC, and then left within ~a day because they weren't practicing at all? Good times
  4. agreed, imo it's a lot like arguing Steph Curry vs Klay Thompson. On any other team Frosty (Klay) would be the best sniper (3 pt shooter)
  5. How Optic is dealing with the loss of Naded: "Try to play like Naded" - APG
  6. If Optic didn't practice enough when Naded was on the team (who practices more than basically everyone), they sure as hell aren't going to practice enough when their buddy APG is on the team Naded and 2gre To2
  7. you predicted optic wouldn't qualify, that makes it an upset in your book
  8. Naded carrying Optic harder than Sam carried Frodo up Mount Doom
  9. Optic avoids getting bounced by a team named after french toast, CLG watch out
  10. I think it's probably best to reserve final judgements until we see how Optic does in losers bracket....but oh boy, OpTilt is in full effect Since Optic picked up their current squad they're probably 40-15 or something ridiculous against Liquid in scrims(inb4 someone corrects me with a more accurate number). And this is Liquid without APG
  11. So I guess this is what it was like when retired Long Live the GOAT
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