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  1. I might try to go to the doubles/4v4 in Connecticut if I can find a team. I can't play FFA i get too tilty
  2. For the amount of teams participating, there's WAY too much analysis, commentary, commercials and overall down time, but hey, at least we get to see any game play at all! I'm not sure why i expected anything more from 343 and ESL. I honestly can't think of any other industry, company or job that would tolerate such incompetence every single time. Is there any accountability at all or does no one care? One thing I know for sure is that I would be fired from my job in a second if I consistently under performed.
  3. I'm legit salty right now. I want to watch the gameplay but I am very very close to calling it quits until halo 6.
  4. Geez how many fuck ups will it take from ESL before they get dropped? Stream off to a terrible start as usual. More commentary and analysis than gameplay.
  5. Who would've ever thought it would be this hard to run a video game tournament?
  6. That was a hype weekend of halo! Love the new settings(if only they fixed settings earlier).
  7. The fact that I am watching game 7 of LG vs. NV off a random tweet linked to a periscope stream that was posted in the halo twitch chat is simply embarrassing for the production team or whoever is in charge of running/streaming this event.
  8. We had 343 give arena 100 percent of the radar in halo. You know what radar is, right? This thing called lowering skill gap like lots of things are done with radar including some bad things. - The Donald
  9. if there aren't milliseconds displayed, then the clock shouldn't change from 1 - 0 until its 0.
  10. All i am saying is if you the clock says 0:00 in basketball the game is over. You can't shoot with 0:00 seconds and say it counts.
  11. I played a ton of H3 but never watched any MLG. I am looking for a comparison between the competition in H5 versus H3. Specifically, were the pro team match-ups fairly close(any team could win at a tourney) or was it expected that a team would definitely win going into a series?
  12. As much as I love Halo, the halo 5 game play is getting extremely stale for me. I will still watch streams but the fact that 343 is botching this game by not listening to what the people want and completely botched MCC, I just cannot give them the benefit of the doubt anymore.
  13. Lxthul just had one of the most entertaining arena matches ive watched in H5... plz upload to youtube
  14. I'm loving the vibe of this first EG LOL game. So entertaining to watch.
  15. T2 just keeps getting better and better. Someone please make a montage of his funny comments.
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