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  1. Ahah Im never doing stuff like this, that's just a one time try, that's what makes the clip awesome
  2. I just did this http://i.imgur.com/2FQ4wU3.gifv
  3. Up, if anyone missed it because of the timeline
  4. Hi, just here to share the first ever montage I've edited (Im not an editor), with the clips from my teammate Ice, all the clips are done in Arena Onyx 1700-2000, there are some great clips, hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8zJJUea8jM&feature=youtu.be&a PS: Youtube compressed the video to much so if you want, download link for proper HD is in the description (260 Mo)
  5. The crowd noise would be awesome, it adds so much hype in the crazy plays.
  6. Hey, I looked for some jumps on the new map, there are a lot of invisible walls but I found some stuff, nothing extraordinary, but that can be useful in game. However, I've never tested it in game so Im not sure. If you have some cool things to show, let's go! 1- Great flank with the horizontal lift 2- Stay there with your AR and people will hate you. 3- Again, Horizontal lift to reach Turbine's ledges. You can Reach all the Turibines. 4- The good ol' Fathom jump keeps working here (If you do the second well, you don't need to stabilize) 5- This one is really easy and smooth
  7. I use it too, and I also use a lot this one on Regret, with a ground pound or with Fuel Rod:
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