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  1. Intel from the $8s lobby last night. El town isn't going to Daytona, Commonly, pre dev and prototype are picking up Kaiss to run with there. Nothing for certain, only verification is kaiss talking about it in the lobby with Danoxide
  2. Mikwen seems like he has had a lot of personal things going on that we're negatively affecting his gameplay, but he was absolutely shitting at worlds. Crazy if they really dropped him.
  3. I thought the sense update came out BECAUSE so many people were complaining about the aim. It was the beta that didn't have aiming issues, but I as far as I know H5 aiming has been heavy/broken out of the box.
  4. Is anyone else a little worried about Sparty being picked up by CP after what happened with Danoxide on ALG? I could see them dropping Spartan the day before roster lock or something shady happening.
  5. Also am I the only one who would love some geek out content? I know some people mentioned it before in passing. But I really feel like part of those 15 minute breaks could be partly filled by John Madden-esque type break downs of crucial moments and plays from prior matches coupled with team tendencies in certain game types and situations. I know they tried this in the past with that weird touch screen with T2 and Walshy, but it wasn't very polished and had very little preparation. I really feel like if we had a Tiberius type character doing this it would be awesome. It wouldn't even have to be anything too crazy. For example, I was playing arena with a guy I run with often and we were watching Splyce play on Saturday. It was truth slayer and Shotzzy was top pink and damaged a guy. I think it was Falcated and Bubu both flew in from red and top mid to finish the kill making it 3-4 down for the other team. Like clock work Falcated/Bubu stayed top pink while the other rotated top mid and Shotzzy keep his retreat back into red base to block the spawn. This left shooter, bubu and falcated top pink/car/mid with Shotzzy blocking red spawn, forcing everyone to spawn blue base with no where to go. A break down like this with the clips from the game plus showing the outcome of the next play would be amazing IMO. I'd imagine the analysts could even further break down more complicated plays, as I'm mediocre at this game and recognizing these kinds of things.
  6. For those asking when did Penguin become so beasty? Flash back to LANguin 2016
  7. My guess is not many, However, I think pro teams like OG and NV realize that in order to make the big bucks and win a championship, the grind has to be consistent. Everyday consistent. And LAN experience, even a small one, is valuable play time at this point. You don't get to complain about not winning and only playing the game for joy, AND expect to beat a team like OG who is clamoring to get a scrim 6-7 days a week.
  8. Man I don't visit reddit much because /r/halo is usually dead or full of warzone clips, but this Optic subreddit is buzzing! They are loving the squad and you can see the crossover for viewers happening right in front of your eyes. It's making me tingly. What a time to be alive.
  9. So you met them once at a public event and they were cool? That's it guys, case closed. Have you paid attention at all to how E6 as a whole org, have conducted themselves. It's not pretty. From the Enigma 6 Group and E6army tweets at players and even @@mediabrute, to the unpolished and crude retorts about Stellur's claims, and now the latest allegations that Showtime is shading Stellur by logging into his account to boot him. It's all been extremely unprofessional. So when those two guys are the faces of the org, of course they will be "put in bad light".
  10. Golf balls and gold toe socks. On a side note, if anyone has ever had the ambition to start an agency to represent players for contract negotiations with the orgs, now is the time.
  11. With all this life changing money, can E6 hire a PR guy all ready? They could have taken the high road and taken minimal damage, even just with a short public apology that things didn't work out. Instead they look like monkeys with twitter accounts surrouded by sacks of $100 dollar bills. RIP my family
  12. Summit brought the juice to Halo world championships too. He brought 20k viewers watching it through his stream.
  13. The timing. Just last night Spartan was saying on stream that radar is fine because of how fast the game plays. It doesn't bother him much at all. He also said the AR is usually pretty situational, and is fine the way it is as well. Storm rifle still OP though
  14. aPG just misplaced his thumbs after week 1 with Optic (remember he was shitting his first week on the team). He found them for the LAN and now season 2
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