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  1. GT: Dooku22 Region: UK F/A Looking for a team to compete in the Pro League. I am dedicated and willing to do anything to improve. I can communicate well in game, and can take criticism. Willing to do all online tourneys and travel to LANs. If you would like to play or try me out just message me on xbl!
  2. Hello everyone! I am looking for a competitive team to do tourneys and go to lans. I have good gun skill and give callouts. I am a dedicated team player, willing to improve and take constructive criticism very well. I can go over gameplays and strategies as well as grind arena ranks. I'm usually on everyday BST time. If anyone wants to run games feel free to message me on Xbox Live or reply on here. GT: Dooku22
  3. Looking for a team to try and qualify on Sunday, I'm relatively new to competitive Halo as I recently switched from CoD. I am always looking to get better by practising and can take constructive criticism well. Looking for dedicated players who can communicate well in game. I'm on everyday UK time, hmu on xbox or on here if interested. GT: Dooku22
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