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  1. Dos Santos vs. Velasquez 3 thoughts? I hate how people say Junior "destroyed" cain in the first fight. It was a wild lucky overhand. I think Cain will win the rubber match, but Junior has most likely improved his cardio and takedown defense, so I hope its a competitive bout.

  2. Yeah you can be more accurate since there's more/better mechanics and its bigger.

    The 360 controller is complete trash. The d-pad is atrocious.


    You just have to get use to it. Also you can plink as well. Can't plink with a controller.


    Edit: it's all preference though. Even though I'm finding it a little harder to use than the controller I'm enjoying myself more playing with the fight stick.

    Yeah I could never really do Honda's combos on a controller lol. I also never used the d-pad, always used the thumbstick. I'll maybe pick-up a stick if I can find a decent one. I love fighting games, but more as a spectator than a player. Thanks.

  3. I'd guess i'll give this old thread a bump.


    I finally got a fighting stick for the 360 and bought UMvC3. I think i'll start practicing on UMvC3 the most. It's easier to execute so i feel that satisfaction of progression when i can pull of a combo over and over again. I'd much rather play TTT2 and SSF4, but it looks like there's no one to play TTT2 online, i can never find a match and my buddy who doesn't play a lot of fighting games enjoys UMvC3 more than SSF4.

    Do fight sticks really make a difference in execution? I've never really had issues using just the 360 controller.

  4. Being able to look around while jumping would certainly improve your gameplay- same as being able to melee while looking around. It may not be a huge improvement, but it is an improvement. You said it yourself: you never even tried it.


    It is honestly difficult for me to understand why people wouldn't have taken the day to switch to it back in halo 3. In my eyes it was objectively the best for sure in halo 3, and still is in halo 4

    although there are some minor grievances with jetpacking and aiming at the same time (which is irrelevant for someone like me who doesn't even use jetpack in infinity slayer).

    Well I have tried it in matchmaking back in H3 and even in H4 just to see if it helped.. After about 15 games I switched back because it wasn't natural for me. There has never been a situation where I was like "If I was on bumper jumper I would have not lost that fight or I would have made that jump." Everyone is different I guess.

  5. can't jump while looking around, can't melee while looking around. bumper jumper better- removes the need to claw.

    I don't claw aha. I have always played with the "classic" layout and when Bumper Jumper made its debut I never once thought about switching. I honestly feel it doesn't improve MY game at all.

  6. Some cool little things I would like in Halo 5.

    -Different races to play as across all gametypes (like flood forms, elites, etc, but with good hitboxes.)

    - funny death noises

    - 4 player campaign on one xbox console

    - no bloom on precision weapons

    - variety of forge landscapes.

    - backflips when you get blained while jumping

    - fire and spike grenades to return.

    - something like firefight but 100x better.

  7. Yeah it sucks that Halo 4 was kinda doomed from the beginning. Its so sad ,especially when you've been following competitive Halo since the early MLG days. I'll still play Halo 4 MM just for fun with my friends though. To be honest I feel the Halo community (whats left of it) have absolutely refused to let this game die completely and to me that's amazing even though this game isn't really great. Best community ever.

  8. Yes. If you join a host that has the update then you will be able to bxr and such. But if you don't have the maps then you can't play sanc and warlock which sucks cuz you're limited to just beaver ts middy and lockout if you're playing 8s.


    You can get the map pack disc which has the update and all the maps you'll need on Amazon for fairly cheap.

    Yeah at my local gamestop they had one. I guess I'll pick it up thanks.

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