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  1. -Different playable multiplayer races (elites, didact type of dudes, brutes etc.) all with proper size scale and adjusted hitboxes so no advantage/disadvantage for any species.

    -Better armor

    -Menu style similar to Reach

    -Classic Style powerups

    -More diverse landscapes for forge

    -No grenade hitmarker

    -lower aim assist

    -firefight 2.0

    -some kinda flood survival mode (like cod zombies)

  2. I find it weird that people like the Duke. What a terrible controller. The controller is huge and it's RB/LB is a black button and a white button that sits under your "A, B, X, Y". Bad button placement.


    My favourite controller is the 360 controller.

    Actually its the other way around. The controller S had the black and white buttons below the ABXY buttons and the duke had it above. I personally thought the Duke was ok, but I guess everyone prefered the S. I think the Ogres used the duke alot in H2.

  3. I have such a bad mouth when my mic isn't plugged in. I complain about little things and sometimes think the actual game wants me to lose. If somebody destroys me whether it be a no-scope or I get out br'd. I make it a goal to get even with that player in the same fashion, often times hurting my team in the process.

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  4. Yeah I'd say host on LAN is a slight disadvantage. I remember back on the MLG forums someone made a chart explaining how the host "sees" smaller hitboxes and for everyone else its bigger. I guess that's why I feel sniping and BRing off host on LAN is a little more "easier" I'm sure some people can relate.

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