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  1. So i've been told on these forums that the the master cheif collection will include, hce, h2, hcea, h2a, h3 and h4.Only thing is that 343 has not said this anywhere. (to my knowledge, please someone prove wrong :( ) They said that they are only releasing hcea (reach engine for multiplayer), h2a, h3 and h4 which means no hce multiplayer, and no OG halo 2. Also the h2a video was just halo 4 with a halo 2 skin. Like the auto aim and hitboxes were exactly the same as h4's. Can someone please link me to the correct information regarding "the master chief collection" and exactly what games will be included

    In the Master Chief Collection it will have Halo CE, 2, 3 and 4. 343 have confirmed it on Halo Waypoint.

  2. Figure I bump this thread since Games with Gold is coming to the X1 and won't suck.


    June 2014

    X1: Halo: Spartan Assault & Mad Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

    360: Dark Souls & Charlie Murder. "Bonus game" is Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition


    They're also going to start a monthly deal program. The monthly deals in June will be Forza Motorsport 5 & Ryse: Son of Rome.

    Excited for Dark Souls. Also for those who haven't been keeping up with GwG you only have a couple days to download Dust: An Elysian Tale and then Saints Row The 3rd will be free on the 16th.

  3. If you want some good competitive matches then 3 is better. Judgment is just a terrible game and always took me forever to find matches.

    Thanks for the reply. I can get gears 3 brand new for like 7 bucks too. Horde > Survival.

  4. I've been wanting to get back into gears again (even though its kinda dead). At this point should I get gow 3 or judgment? I played 3 alot at launch but after I lost my copy I lost interest. For the people who still play, which game has more people on it?

  5. The only gametypes where Sprint can work is the instakill playlists like SWAT, Team Snipers, and Zombies. I don't play enough Griffball to comment either way, on whether the inclusion of Sprint would be beneficial to the gametype or not, but I know that "Recharging Shields + Sprint = Disaster".

    I was thinking that since H4's large maps are very open with little cover sprint would't be a problem. As for the instakill playlists it might make sense to have sprint, but I kinda feel it doesn't play as well as NS. The only time I really "welcome" sprint is on BTB maps.

  6. nope, the bars that tell you when people are partied up can be inaccurate, if that's what you're going off

    Yes thats true when you go in with one friend it'll sometimes say you aren't partied up. I cannot bullshit you though, if the bars say they're partied up I'm pretty sure they're partied up and what did I see? The other team had 2 to2's. Everybody on my team was random I guarantee it cuz I asked them. If you want proof just go into the playlist and ask. Sorry for kinda coming off angry though.
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