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  1. Yeah Halo 2/3 reticle for sure. Hopefully they also make the BR sound powerful in H5.
  2. Yeah I like the idea of having 4 of each grenade again. Sucks you cant instasplode consistently in this game like you could in H3.
  3. For me personally I knew halo 3 had sluggish aiming from the start , but I've only REALLY noticed it while playing on HDTV's. I always prefered playing on a tube tv for H3. Any other halo game though it doesnt matter for me. Also small side note, reticule should be moved to the center.
  4. Dos Santos vs. Velasquez 3 thoughts? I hate how people say Junior "destroyed" cain in the first fight. It was a wild lucky overhand. I think Cain will win the rubber match, but Junior has most likely improved his cardio and takedown defense, so I hope its a competitive bout.
  5. I'd honestly be happier if Microsoft just stopped doing this Games for Gold thing. The games they have put out aren't making anybody get excited.
  6. Yeah I could never really do Honda's combos on a controller lol. I also never used the d-pad, always used the thumbstick. I'll maybe pick-up a stick if I can find a decent one. I love fighting games, but more as a spectator than a player. Thanks.
  7. Do fight sticks really make a difference in execution? I've never really had issues using just the 360 controller.
  8. I liked the game also. I just want a SW game where the lightsaber combat is like Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy though.
  9. I'm happy with RSV. Shadowrun is great too. Microsoft is really low-balling us with this games for gold thing though, but at least we can keep them without a subscription. I really hope next month's games are better.
  10. I like TP because you can do it in the air. Evade is cool too but I always thought it was kinda OP, simply because of the distance you can cover. For competitive settings TP > Evade. Being an elite rolling around is still awesone though.
  11. Man not really a magic fan, but I'll try it out since I learned how to play the TCG. Looking foward to RSV. I didn't really give it a chance back then. Does anyone else think they should make all the Original Xbox games on demand free? I wanna play psychonauts again.
  12. I, like many others say H4 has the easiest sniper to use. No-Descope is obviously stupid to have on a sniper rifle for halo. Funny thing is that I also felt I sniped better in H:CE- H3. Maybe its the player model size? Lack of sprint?
  13. Well I have tried it in matchmaking back in H3 and even in H4 just to see if it helped.. After about 15 games I switched back because it wasn't natural for me. There has never been a situation where I was like "If I was on bumper jumper I would have not lost that fight or I would have made that jump." Everyone is different I guess.
  14. I don't claw aha. I have always played with the "classic" layout and when Bumper Jumper made its debut I never once thought about switching. I honestly feel it doesn't improve MY game at all.
  15. Heres mine A- Jump B- Melee X- Reload/pick-up weapon/objective/action Y- Switch Weapon LT- Grenade RT- Shoot RB- Use AA LB- Sprint D-pad to cycle grenades and POD's Zoom and crouch are RS and LS of course.
  16. Some cool little things I would like in Halo 5. -Different races to play as across all gametypes (like flood forms, elites, etc, but with good hitboxes.) - funny death noises - 4 player campaign on one xbox console - no bloom on precision weapons - variety of forge landscapes. - backflips when you get blained while jumping - fire and spike grenades to return. - something like firefight but 100x better.
  17. Where can a scrub like me download some of these modded gametypes?
  18. Yeah it sucks that Halo 4 was kinda doomed from the beginning. Its so sad ,especially when you've been following competitive Halo since the early MLG days. I'll still play Halo 4 MM just for fun with my friends though. To be honest I feel the Halo community (whats left of it) have absolutely refused to let this game die completely and to me that's amazing even though this game isn't really great. Best community ever.
  19. Yeah at my local gamestop they had one. I guess I'll pick it up thanks.
  20. If I don't have the updates can I play with people who have it? Halo 2 pre-patch is junk. 8 melees can't kill a person.
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