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  1. I really enjoyed that next-gen tech in ghosts where the fish swam away whenever I got close.
  2. -Different playable multiplayer races (elites, didact type of dudes, brutes etc.) all with proper size scale and adjusted hitboxes so no advantage/disadvantage for any species. -Better armor -Menu style similar to Reach -Classic Style powerups -More diverse landscapes for forge -No grenade hitmarker -lower aim assist -firefight 2.0 -some kinda flood survival mode (like cod zombies)
  3. Ran into Ace in the playlist. He was partied up with 1 person and his other teammates were a to2, while my team were all randoms. We got all 4 dead at the start(narrows flag) and capped. They would go on to comeback, have us on respawn for 70% of the game and then win. Good times.
  4. Halo 3 for me. Although I'm 100% sure I played CE's campaign the most.
  5. Just throwing out ideas here.Would neutral bomb on The Pit have worked? Replace the os with camo? Put rockets on faster respawn maybe?
  6. Gow 1 online for me is trash. I have done 2v2 LANs and it was great though. Anyway what games are you guys hoping will be free for January?
  7. In regards to the slow turn issue, is this something alot of people are still experiencing? I know for the 360's early years it was really bad. I have bought 4 controllers in the past 2 years, all without slow turn. Maybe I'm really lucky?
  8. I liked h3's gametypes more. Reach ZB DMR is obviously better 3's BR. I maybe would've went with V7 if they had put in ZB oddball and bomb gametypes. Really sucked playing flag in the playlist 80% of the time.
  9. Yeah the astro mix-amp is a must have. Personally I haven't used a headset since my astro's went dark on me in the summer. I use regular earphones with the mix-amp lol. Cheap alternative.
  10. Actually its the other way around. The controller S had the black and white buttons below the ABXY buttons and the duke had it above. I personally thought the Duke was ok, but I guess everyone prefered the S. I think the Ogres used the duke alot in H2.
  11. In all honesty I still play Halo 4, but I'm always switching it up with Reach and H3 also.
  12. Yay Skyrim. I know Minecraft is very popular, but I honestly don't have any friends who play it.
  13. I also like how the first two games have actual multiplayer whereas saints row 3 and 4 only have co-op.
  14. Damn I was hoping for the first or second saints row.
  15. I think the best thing to do would be to file a complaint. There's really not much to do after that. It really sucks, but I'm pretty sure if enough people do this they will get caught.
  16. Yeah since Halo 3 I've always wanted bots for customs and forge. Matchmaking? Maybe not for ranked, but for social game-types its worth a shot and I wouldn't mind.
  17. I have such a bad mouth when my mic isn't plugged in. I complain about little things and sometimes think the actual game wants me to lose. If somebody destroys me whether it be a no-scope or I get out br'd. I make it a goal to get even with that player in the same fashion, often times hurting my team in the process.
  18. On a personal note, Zanzibar was my favorite. Probably because of all those crazy one bomb assault games I used to play on it.
  19. Looks like I find myself thinking "wow this month's free games suck, I hope next month has better ones" again.. If the games being made free continue to be sub-par, they should at least make more than 2 free per month.
  20. I hear you on that. If you are gonna mod don't do it MM. Do it to create crazy gametypes for customs. I mean just look at Gary's Mod.
  21. From COD 4 to BLOPS 2 I've never even played the campaigns. Other than that I think I've beaten every game I've owned on every system including hand-held.
  22. Crazy how far people will go just to win at video games.
  23. I guess I'd buy it. To be safe though I would probably wait to see if I hear good/great things about it, then make my purchase. Not a big fan of sprint though. I feel BTB gametypes should have built in sprint and Small 4v4 or 5v5 gametypes should have no sprint.
  24. Yeah I'd say host on LAN is a slight disadvantage. I remember back on the MLG forums someone made a chart explaining how the host "sees" smaller hitboxes and for everyone else its bigger. I guess that's why I feel sniping and BRing off host on LAN is a little more "easier" I'm sure some people can relate.
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