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  1. @@Goku Go check out Halo Waypoint if you want "Official" info.
  2. In the Master Chief Collection it will have Halo CE, 2, 3 and 4. 343 have confirmed it on Halo Waypoint.
  3. Yeah I'm fine with it. Although I'll always play default on H:CE & 2.
  4. For me it'll probably be CE because I really only played split screen 2v2's back then. Online should be great.
  5. Excited for Dark Souls. Also for those who haven't been keeping up with GwG you only have a couple days to download Dust: An Elysian Tale and then Saints Row The 3rd will be free on the 16th.
  6. To me what made this special is Daigo being able to pull it off when it most counted. I will say though that Justin made it obvious that he was gonna do the super so Daigo knew it was coming.
  7. Not really feeling the addition of radar. Oh well I'll give it a try when it comes out.
  8. I've been getting alot of good games in Team Doubles. People are mostly picking Doubles pro or legendary br's over infinity settings there.
  9. I'm not entirely sure, but I remember them saying it was some sort of coding issue with H3 so they canceled. Apparently it was harder than expected for them to make changes to the playlists. Please excuse me if I'm wrong
  10. As one of the few people on this site that still plays Throwdown and H4 regularly, I'm kinda excited. If no sprint is part of the update that would be really cool.
  11. Didact armor set for H5 please.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I can get gears 3 brand new for like 7 bucks too. Horde > Survival.
  13. Played the Toy soldiers game earlier and honestly it wasn't very fun for me. Oh well lets see what next month's games are...
  14. I've been wanting to get back into gears again (even though its kinda dead). At this point should I get gow 3 or judgment? I played 3 alot at launch but after I lost my copy I lost interest. For the people who still play, which game has more people on it?
  15. I dont know if it can work in competitive settings, maybe? I remember playing Team Elmination back in Halo 3 and I thought that was kinda fun.
  16. Yeah I agree was just trying to say that if sprint has any place in Halo its in BTB.
  17. I was thinking that since H4's large maps are very open with little cover sprint would't be a problem. As for the instakill playlists it might make sense to have sprint, but I kinda feel it doesn't play as well as NS. The only time I really "welcome" sprint is on BTB maps.
  18. I think I have said this in another thread, what about making 4v4,5v5 and FFA(Rumble pit, TS, swat, TO, etc..) gametypes have no sprint and BTB gametypes having sprint built-in? What does everyone think?
  19. I got a question. How does everyone feel about trading melee kills and gun fights? In Reach and H4(especially) the amount of snipe/dmr/br duels that end in trades are very high compared to H:CE-H3. Is this good or bad?
  20. Yes thats true when you go in with one friend it'll sometimes say you aren't partied up. I cannot bullshit you though, if the bars say they're partied up I'm pretty sure they're partied up and what did I see? The other team had 2 to2's. Everybody on my team was random I guarantee it cuz I asked them. If you want proof just go into the playlist and ask. Sorry for kinda coming off angry though.
  21. Man that was crazy. I was so shocked when I watched it live. I hope the recovery for Silva goes well. With this happening many fighters will most likely start checking low kicks more. Aldo should be careful.
  22. At this point I believe all the original xbox on demand games should be free. People could LAN halo 1 more because of it and I get to play psychonauts again. Probably won't happen though.
  23. Yes they can. I have been playing h3 alot and I've been matched up against players who are partied up while all my teammates are going in alone.
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