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  1. We all knew from day one H3 MCC hit detection was definitely not OG. Nice to see video proof. Shoutout to Tommykost.
  2. Any International players having trouble connecting to matches? I downloaded Reach an hour ago and every time I try to play matchmaking, it always fails to connect. I’ve tried resetting my console but still having the same issue.
  3. Lol I guess I'm one of the few who play on recon. I play on default 6 sens and 5 accel. Vib off and both my deadzones on 0.
  4. On the topic of weapon skins, I would like to see some animated ones in the future.
  5. Am I the only one who hates Amp slayer and Onslaught CTF? Literally enjoy every map and gametype in Hardcore except those two. It also sucks when those options get picked over good H2 gametypes just because its H3. I like 2 & 3 equally though.
  6. Halo 2A has momentum melees just like H2C. 3 melees to kill if you stand still, 2 if you're moving forward, and 1 with an objective item if you jump. Also if you have empty rockets don't drop it, you can 1 hit kill someone if you jump melee them.
  7. I get so mad when I match up against parties and all I get are randoms without any eyeballs. I usually invite said teammates to 1v1s only to destroy them. Thats honestly the only way I can relieve my frustration.
  8. My game just kept freezing like 4 times in the middle of close games. Ended up breaking my disc in a fit of rage.
  9. As someone who was struggling to find 10 games a week, this update has really worked out for me. Finding even games pretty quickly with no absurd amount of lag. Needs better matching of players with similar skill. Its the worst when you have terrible players on your team but you can keep the game close, only to lose 50-49 numerous times
  10. Was there any stopping power when you were shooting someone while they sprinted in the beta? I know H4 had this. It didn't feel like there was any when I played.
  11. They should offer the option to disable sprint and other spartan abilities or have classic gametypes.
  12. Man search times are still like 20-40 minutes for me. I hope they can do something to speed up matchmaking for people outside the U.S. soon. I don't think its my internet because I can get matches on other games fairly quickly.
  13. I don't live in the states at the moment and I'm still having to wait 15-40 minutes to get into a game. Is anybody else not living in the U.S. having connectivity issues?
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