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  1. Huke has solid skill and a massive ceiling given more time to learn the finer points of the game. Sucks to see drama getting in the way of what could be a 4th best/8th worst squad. Good on Huke for calling Devon out for not practicing if this is true though.
  2. I immediately noticed this as well. Hamy always seemed a little timid in his callouts but Ayden is jumping right in with some great callouts. He also says, "I hear you" all the time just like Roy. It's the little things.
  3. As a fellow ginger, I couldn't agree more. Now all my friends don't even notice how blindingly white I am. Thanks 343! But for the love of god, remove Torque.
  4. Towey running with Ninja, Victory, and FiS. Confirmed 4th?
  5. I'm glad he's going to be sticking around for a while longer. He's been in a period of questionable form but I really believe he's still a monster. I love the pickup of Suspector for EG because I think it will allow Lunch to slip into a more comfortable role as a "utility player" with three very strong slayers at his back. Obviously he can't put as much time in due to real life catching up, but the dude is a grinder. And as we saw at X Games if he's hot, he's clearly still one of the top players around.
  6. My data plan is already destroyed thanks to spending the weekend refreshing Beyond.... In all seriousness just want to say I appreciate this community and I'm excited to leave my lurker's fortress of solitude behind! I'm really hoping the Wizard will find a solid squad at the end of all the Rostermania. Is that too much to ask? And as always, bring on the dank.

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