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  1. Yeah, I was just wondering because so many people on here post like they know it is bad. I have clawed for going on 6 years now and have never had a problem. Likewise, one of my friends has always held a controller that way. He said it was what felt natural (I think someone else on here has done something similar). He has also never had an issue. I realize that we could be exceptions which is why I wanted something more concrete.
  2. Genuinely curious, does anyone have any evidence that isn't anecdotal that supports the idea that clawing has a negative impact on your hands?
  3. I definitely don't think E6 got worse. They at least broke even. Stellur and Svspector are great players. Excluding CLG, I think this is the most balanced set of teams we have seen in a while as far as potential goes. There isn't really a team other than Optic that would blow my mind if they made top 4.
  4. I'll keep this in mind the next time the radar discussion is kicked out to the settings thread that no one reads.
  5. So we can beat this shit into the dirt all day but as soon as radar comes up we're derailing the thread?
  6. Went from Diamond 5 to Diamond 3 over the last 8 games(1-7) and was still getting consistently matched with Onyx and Champ players. It was always some high ranks teaming with some super low ranks.
  7. Yeah, it was a quick post and I could have worded it better.
  8. I am not going to go find the Reddit post and you could be completely right. Point is, why do we believe anything they say? We consistently get strung around by these statements that, for all we know, are completely made up.
  9. Remember when Bravo compared the population to H3 promising later proof that, as far as I know, has never been released?
  10. I have actually changed my opinion on this. I really think individual stats in H5 slayer aren't that important excluding outlier performances(e.g. going 22-3 or 3-22). There is such a team aspect to slayer and in a lot of star performances some credit has to go to the whole team for setting up that player to go off. I know stats don't tell the whole story yada yada but in H5 slayer I don't see much of a point at all for looking at individual stats. As I kind of mentioned before, I really think it can only tell you something in the extreme cases of playing out of your mind or having broken thumbs.
  11. For a while I never thought egirls were an actual thing. I thought it was just a joke in the gaming community. I guess people fan out over anything.
  12. I'll bite and say they get exactly 4th at the Fall Pro League Finals(assuming a 4 team LAN). I predicted them to not get top 4 for season 1 and they completely proved me wrong. We'll see how it goes this time.
  13. If I was a pro I would never come to this site let alone reply on it.
  14. I don't think there is a stadium in America that has a left field deep enough for this comment. Edit: Unless I completely skipped some pages.
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