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  1. my first scrim in like 2 weeks and I tune in for RNG vs CLG on Plaza Strongholds...what a game.
  2. ninj3sse

    Film Discussion

    This looks awesome. The first one is one of my favorite movies.
  3. I previously used 4 sens 3 accel and switched to 2.5H / 3.5V with 3 accel now. I love it so far. I believe reading on one of the 343 waypoint updates that setting both H and V to the same value yields a sens like old halos.
  4. I legit just ordered 4 boxes dude. Thanks for posting an Amazon pic because I didn't even know this was a cereal still.
  5. After a pro read my initial comment about how I thought no radar was more exciting to watch, it was said that it was tested in 4 v 4 and it didn't work. Have you tested no radar 4 v 4? Just curious because I fail to see how it would make things chaotic (or whatever the term was) when it's only 18m wide. All it seems radar does is promote crouching around corners which isn't very exciting. I feel like if pros had to play with no radar they would start developing new sight lines to avoid flanks, or as it was stated to me, free sprinting through bottom middle Plaza when spawning driveway.
  6. Randa gave me some shit on stream about my post that pros did test it before it came out and no radar wasn't good.
  7. I have to say, I'm watching Svspector and SStelluR in this 2v2 tourney with no radar and I find it a lot more exciting. Svspector is making some nice flanks and jukes. @@Ugug, I'm sorry but I used to neg about every other seemingly random no radar post you made simply because they always seemed out of context and slightly annoying, but now I have to agree with you. No radar or at the very least a spartan-only radar would make for more exciting games in my opinion.
  8. I think Royal 2, Contra, and Spartan are in a similar boat.
  9. @@The Sexorcist Really appreciate the help, man! I'm trying to make a lifestyle change so I'm going to start implementing this stuff into my routines. I live in a city now and can walk to work in 20 minutes so I have extra free time in the morning and at night.
  10. thanks for the response, I just downloaded the app. What are the benefits of foam rolling? And you mean something like this, right? http://www.amazon.com/LuxFit-Premium-Density-Roller-Round/dp/B00KAEJ3VI?ie=UTF8&keywords=foam%20roller&qid=1463132683&ref_=sr_1_3&sr=8-3
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