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  1. Nearly perfect but I've watched the event 2-3 times as the matches were really good and it definitely had a lot of sloppy production moments.
  2. CoD cups are played from home and so such is based of each players internet connection. UMG is not ran by the developers like Halo, CWL Lans, LoL. CS:GO is supported by other companies but I am yet to see problems live watching. If it's not problems, it's extremely sloppy production (not seeing Str8 Sick because of black screens and having wrong cams this event so far, not to mention in the past we had stuff like no listen ins etc), I don't mean it as negativity, just something I ALWAYS notice when watching Halo compared to the rest. Edit: Past not passed :|
  3. Honestly, I really hate to be that guy but.... I watch CS:GO, LoL and CoD... Halo has THE WORST production problems. Every event has problems :/
  4. Something really rubbed me the wrong way when I found out Benson was casting the beginning of HCS but the entire season and the start of this event, I actually really like him!
  5. When the Lord agrees with you. Sorry I was a dick about it guys, I'm just passionate...
  6. Please tell me how that makes it better? I've been watching Halo from H2 and this is the biggest mess yet on the biggest vent. I sound salty because I am. If this keeps on going, people will only tune in to one or two matches (Optic, EG vs CLG) and then die out (Unfortunately the game is dead, though). Yes, the community will always be here on TB but what about not die hard forums? Why can Activation and Riot get me to watch games daily from teams in the 8-16 bracket? Because I know what to expect. FULL match details, FULL league scores, times to tune in, announcements well in advance, active social media and that's just the beginning. I don't even play CoD but sure it enjoyable to watch with what they have done this year. About the firing thing, I see your point and I went about it the wrong way but someone really does need to get fired. Not a single thing this year from Halo was thought of by them. They think we are League or CS:GO and will have millions of viewers for a tournament in March with awfully ran online cups. The game I have played for 15 years is dead. I play every day and I hate the see it in this state I just can't see why people can't see that? Why are WE putting effort in, when it doesn't even come from the developers? LMAO they had to get them at a meal at X-Games and "plead" to get it to BO5 yet Gears of War can publicly announce they messed up and change cups to BO5 LOL.
  7. It's going to take some god level wizardry to change the bracket. I'm NOT trying to bring it up but I'd much rather the radar discussion ended for a while just so we have a double elim. Honestly, 343, if you want a fan base and viewership, you need to do this more than anything. I actually really like Allegiance and RNG but my mouth waters at a potential final of EG and CLG. This story is what matters the most. You saw what Flame did, pulling in 28-30K on Twitch and X-Games numbers were the best I've seen in a long ass time. Story and teams matter. I also heard that when they get past group stages, the seeds are going to be mixed up like I think the UK or EU qualifier. If that is true, what is the actual point. Someone at 343 needs to get fired ASAP because random seeding and single elim is literal toxic. I swear, these fools at 343 watch League, CoD and Counter-Strike and just copy everything from them. I mean come on, even CoD changed their eSports to CWL. Warzone? League. Packs? CS:GO. HCS? LCS. Online Tournaments? CoD. Literal joke, man. I hate to be so negative but these fools couldn't even run a high school prom, never mind the biggest Halo tournament ever.
  8. I'm just going to put this out here and I hope it's not true at all but recently there has been A LOT of talk in streams (Snip3down, Ninja, Roy and Towey that I have made a note of so far) of Roy and Lunchbox retiring. If they place badly at Regionals and fail to get Top 2 or 4 at Worlds, I don't see them continuing. Borg just looks so frustrated and before the X-Games win, he seemed really down in his streams, as did Snip3down. I think Snip3down has recovered from the Lethul drama and looks very cool and calm earlier in the day, even when they lost in the TB tournament claiming he is isn't worried and any loss right now he is going to analyze, Lunchbox is a robot and literally has 0 emotion, just turns up and produces and Commonly is starting to find his voice in the debates. A little worried about the Borg though, before and after the calm of X-Games, he just hasn't been his regular self. Sorry for the long post, just hope they see it and address it. I just want the best for the team I support. Also, while I'm on the topic, Commonly, you've really impressed me and you're really talented but please stop dying, you make the team play with 3 or 2 a lot and it negatively impacts the team. Address the moral and the death issue and you fix 20% of problems. #bleedblue
  9. Besides the top 3, nobody is "clearly" better. The only clear different between skill is the gap between top 3 and the rest and even that is closing as we get to HWC. One thing a lot of people forget is that EG can lose 3-0 to CLG but that doesn't tell a full story. It looks bad on paper but when the individual games are close, then you really need to look at the scores of games over a period of time. Are CLG the strongest right now? Yes. Are they the best? Allegiance being the number 1 seed, not winning the X Games currently stop them being. To be the best, you need to be number 1 consistently, which NOBODY has done yet.
  10. After catching up a bit and being an EG fan, I can't help but think. Do the placings in upcoming event count towards Worlds? Right now, I'm fairly unhappy at a hypothetical CLG and EG semi final as I enjoy both teams and I think it would be beneficial for Halo to have that as a potential final match up. The way things are looking right now, if CLG or EG lose in the semi to each other and Allegiance makes it to the final, we will potentially have another EG and CLG semi final at worlds. The only way around this that I can think of so far is if we have a losers bracket of some sort in the next event or Worlds.
  11. It's going to sound so lame but does anyone have the ending of the stream? Had to turn it off I was so nervous hahahahahahahah(kill me)hahahaha
  12. Okay, mid observations: I like Commonly. I have said before, he has flashes of brilliance. I have to say though, I think the best fourth would have been Stellur. Reason? Commonly plays very fast and frantically. Dies a lot. He is a perfect match, ability, tempo and type of player for Renegades. Evil Geniuses are missing a Lethul clone. Stellur is not that but plays methodically and is a very good slayer. He has Lethul traits, without the Lethul personality. Just my observations, though.
  13. Yes, Lunch is an electrician and Roy was nursing but I pop in his stream when I have free time and he said that he enjoyed it but wasn't his thing. Also talked about how Lunch and his family have connections in the electrician field and one of his latest tweets are that he just took a test for something electrician related. If Roy goes, my opinion is that Lunch will. Although this is early talk, I hate seeing this stuff. I hope everyone is ready for March because it might well be the last time we see the big names. Halo 6 to have a majority of fresh faces as the big guns will all probably be looking to start real life. We can't be 16/17/18 forever, guys ): I miss the good ol' days.
  14. Yep, Roy confirmed on stream that this is probably his last Halo. Doesn't want to compete when he is 30 and wants to start "doing other things" (probably his electrician stuff). Can't really see the scene without Roy and probably 2rge, soon.
  15. I will make my last points of the night as an EG fan. I feel like Lethul leaving makes them feel like the lesser team. Even though they are all competitive, I know that aura of a good player leaving and it's making them question themselves. Snip3down, I feel is still salty. Some of the worst Halo I have seen him play on occasions and I'm a Snip3 groupie. I don't know if he will get over it, I hope he does but they have to start getting confidence again. Watching Roy in stream, he started giving up WAY too early in the game. Not full on quitting but he would drop from 100% to 80%. Never saw it before, especially that time they were 20 down in the Envy cup game. 20 down and they still believed they could win. Lunch is Lunch. Very calm and level headed. Anchor of the team in my opinion. Commonly, very good player with flashes of brilliance. Feel like teammates don't trust him 100% yet, more like 98% but dude, stop dying. I'm not talking about KD here, I'm talking about making the team occasionally play with 3 vs 4. Only crit as he is a good pick up. I hope someone from EG reads this. Much respect. Once you start to gel I think we have a solid roster. #bleedblue.
  16. I feel bad for Commonly because right now he is very questionable. KD doesn't mean anything in Halo but staying alive does. I think he is very skilled but always making EG play with 3, really.
  17. I just thought I would add my $0.02 as an fan of Halo eSports in general. Commonly is a great player, it makes me very sad seeing some of the neg in chats and a little on here. I went in blind watching him as I wanted to judge myself before everyone and their comments swayed me. I have to say, he has impressed me but his play style doesn't mesh well with EG. Lethul fit in so well because his slaying ability was a little higher than his OBJ although both were very good. I feel as though Commonly sits right in the middle as a OBJ and slayer which is why EG is having a hard time. Essentially they have 2 OBJ (Lunch and Comm) and 2 slayers (Roy and Snip3), when in reality you want 3 very good slayers and 1 very good OBJ. Feel free to decimate my opinion though, always looking for opinions.
  18. Does anyone know how to post images? Got a banging one for you all. Edit: Figured it out.
  19. This might be in reference to my post I did a page back, I really do apologize if it's not. However, I think a lot of people can agree with me (I hope so WutFace) that the bashing they get is rightfully deserved at this point. I wouldn't have dreamed of posting something like that in October/November but the incompetence is getting too much for me. I WANT to see Halo thrive. I personally think it's one of the most enjoyable games to watch but they promised so much and haven't delivered. I started getting a little annoyed when I found out no LAN event for release along with Forge maps being released as DLC and then it just went downhill. They might get $60.00 from me each time they make a game but that is not how you create a community. Something that I ACTIVELY had to try and find myself since Halo didn't have anything official. Which is why I am thankful for Beyond.
  20. Hey, all. What a time to join, right? I've been a lurker on here for over 2 years and I just had to sign up today because I couldn't handle it, I think I might have actually witness a vein poke out in my forehead I was so furious... It's not over what you would expect, though. Little long winded but I'm an EG fan and loved the squad. Coming from the UK I would stay up and watch them. Lethul was amazing and I'm extremely sad to see him go but I was an Instinct fan before EG so got to support the twins. Love the grind Snip3down has been on as well. Shout out to the entire team and I wish TJ the best. However, when I saw Tashi... That made my blood boil. This is not meant as a personal attack, more aimed at your work. Between yourself and Che (You can start to add Bravo to the list) I don't think I have met a more incompetent bunch running the Halo community and the eSports side. Finding dates for cups is atrocious, no shouting out streamers, no game release LAN and having a large event HALF way through the year and basic little things like not coming on and discussing with the community about Breakout and Radar. On top of that, you come in today and post that ridiculous post and all I could imagine was a smug little 343 employee getting paid for NOT doing anything for the community. Sorry for the rant, it had to be done. Shout out to Beyond. Will start posting now (no ranting, I promise) and shout out to the pro's. I understand why you change teams because it's life changing I just rooted for EG and CLG because they were different and valued chemistry as well. Also, my final shout out will go to Envy for restart against EG on Sunday. That was huge guys and I value that.
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