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  1. If I'm really honest though, I will never forgive 343 for having a LAN so late, excluding X-Games. I just wanted to see how Lethul and EG would have performed and CLG with Orge2 on LAN. I actually wouldn't have really minded if Lethul moved after an event loss, maybe he would have stayed if they ended up winning it and don't get me wrong, current CLG are top 4 players right now but I never got to see what would have happened. Also, EG need to stop doubting. They can go toe to toe with anyone in this game. Nobody is actually better than them, CLG are just better more consistently, in my opinion. Everyone loves the underdog and they can win. So I hope they see this and put every waking second of the next couple of weeks in Halo. I know you will see this @@Towey and @@Snip3down.
  2. This is why we need a player committee, people. Please tell me how it is advantageous for people to work full time and then come home and practice for a game with no real reward besides a chunk at the end of the year? Online Cups are not sufficient as we saw this season with Evil Geniuses, CLG and Allegiance taking home them... All? I want RNG, Denial, Liquid, Winterfox to thrive but if I were them I'd be bummed out putting all this work in for nothing. Player committee formed by Captains of top 16 teams, meeting monthly discussing settings. LAN events. WE NEED LAN. Prize pools that are generous for a winner but doesn't discredit 8-16 teams and a way for amateur teams (like high schoolers for example) to make pocket money at the weekend, $500.00 or so. This really isn't rocket science people.
  3. This. This so much. I've been openly critical about how 343 handle the eSports side. A couple of good events that were in all essence propped up by a die hard fan base and Call of Duty players who enjoy watching the game is not going to help Halo. I've said this a million times before but 343 DO. NOT. LISTEN. They reverted on Counter-Strike: GO, sorry, I mean Breakout, after the SnakeBite call out. I honestly think it would still be here had it not been for him. They are not open to change settings and very clearly thought they would have a top 3 game from little things as the CSR ranking system (That is shocking as you can't even get a game), the fact they have the HWC in March on top of numerous other mistakes. Copying the big three, LoL, CoD and CS:GO. Not an ounce on creativity from them. What they don't know though is that CoD took 5 years to develop. I remember watching CoD4 on the side stage while Halo 3 was in the limelight at MLG and laughing at their inferior format. You want to fix it? Competitive playlist with agreed settings from a player committee. Once a month LAN (People used to live for those MLG days) or at least once every 2 months. Cups every weekend for professionals and amateurs. That's how you start it 343 but then, what do I know.. I'm just a dude on a forum, Kappa.
  4. I know everyone loves Huke and he has been VERY impressive but my opinion MVP is Bubu. That kid is INSANE. The most consistent of them all.
  5. Random question but is the stream lagging for anyone else? It's actually unwatachable for me...
  6. I hope you see this @@GoldenboyFTW but please carry on being you. My friend who just tuned in this weekend since I've been talking about it really liked your commentating. Ghost, Walsh and Side bring the professional analysis, You, Simms, Benson and Puckett bring great casting, personalities, stories and relationships with the pro players. Good mixture we have.
  7. I know we lost 2rge, Pistola, Mikwen and a lot of other professional players that have been in the circuit since Halo 2 or 3 but does anyone feel happy with the amount of new talent coming through? Commonly, Stellur, Frosty, SnakeBite and Royal are still very young compared to the rest, Contra, Bubu, Suspector, Danoxide and Huke. This may be the best influx of new talent we have had in years and the future looks very bright. If this is what is competing in the next 2-3 years, it's scary. Edit: Adding more young players to the post I keep forgetting.
  8. Please, stop. He hung out with Optic for about a year to a year and a half before H2A. H2A was clearly in development. The OpTic team for the H2A event was stacked. Aries, Snip3down, Ola and Flame. Hecz clearly picked Flame because maybe he knew about him through the Red Bull sponsorship. It really isn't hard to grasp.
  9. I'm done with this but just think about what you're saying. He picked up a Halo player to coach his CoD team. He could have anyone but he chose a Halo professional? You thought I was far fetched? Also, check his content, the fitness thing was a group decision with Nadeshot, Scump and BigT. This was after he joined. Not hired to train them. Jesus.
  10. Completely nutty. Even though Flamesword only started making content when he joined OpTic and not before. Then again, what do I know. Everyone here knows everything about this community.
  11. What are you going on about? Yes, Hecz just woke up one day and thought, I'm going to make a Halo team for a scene that doesn't have anything for my sponsors and nothing announced. Hecz has been very vocal about what he does behind the scenes with his CoD and Activision, why wouldn't it be the same for Halo? You see the juice they bring.
  12. Genuine question, no troll. Why would Hecz pick up Flame when he has no interest in Halo, especially when they picked up Flame and Halo was at it's lowest? Yes, he believed in them in the end but Maniac was not part of the plan. He ended up getting on board after Noble VS CLG. Something was done behind closed doors for Hecz to pick up a Tier 1 player, part of the community with sponsorship (Red Bull + Shared sponsor with Nadeshot) to bring in viewers for a new game. Which is why he was just hanging out with the team until HCS was announced.
  13. Lets be honest, something was done behind closed doors for Optic to have a team to get viewers in for HCS. That's my opinion as Hecz was adamant he didn't want any other teams yet and only been ready this year to pick up a CS:GO team since the scene has exploded and Envy and Faze have been making moves.
  14. Just a question, I saw in the timer that the next game is Liquid VS EG. I thought Both of them won their pools so shouldn't they get a 2nd pool finisher? I can't find answers anywhere!
  15. The Spartans dancing actually made us look like a laughing stock...
  16. Does anyone think they were able to do listen ins because they got the Astro mixamps now?
  17. Oh, I know but when I mentioned how sloppy events and production can be, the forum likes to neg me to hell. I get negged for calling out sloppy production/planning and the past 2 pages have been people saying to call it out. I'm very much a part of this community and I want it to succeed but it just seems as though nobody can take criticism. As I mentioned earlier, other games I hardly play but love to watch don't have these problems. It just makes us look bad, man. That's all I'm saying (:
  18. Neg me all you want but I love Halo, it's currently the only Xbox One game I have and this sound stuff should not be happening at the biggest tournament we have ever had. I mean come on, they didn't even bother changing @LiquidNinjaTB in the player profiles....
  19. I really love the whole Snip3 one side, Roy the other and Lunchbox and Lunchbox Jr running around as support. I wish they did it on more maps, not just regret.
  20. I hate on Commonly and he just produces flashes of brilliance each time I say something bad FeelsBadMan
  21. Yeah, I understand where you are coming from but I also forgot to mention Ninja had @LiquidNinjaTB as his twitter handle in the player profiles. I mean come on, they had 6 weeks to check the player stats and change it. Something like that should not happen in a 2 million tournament and it's just really sloppy. All I'm saying
  22. Actually, 343 has an entire team dedicated to running events a few of them post on here. I forgot the names but I'm sure people know who I'm talking about. They just collaborate with different eSport event hosts which you mentioned ESL/MLG/GFinity. It's why the 343 team went to UK, Germany and France.
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