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  1. If you'd like to me go into the worlds thread to find the 3-5 pages of you defending your decisions I'd be more than happy to show you *nails emoji* I have no problem with creating teams to try to beat CLG. I welcome it. It's just you happen to be a common denominator when it comes to shady stuff. Again, no problem with what you do. I respect your competition, I just don't respect your integrity.
  2. Again, my last comment on the situation but since H2A the common variable of shadiness going down has been Mikwen and each time has failed miserably. What happened to the Envy god squad that was going to take down EG? When he fucked over Chig and basically put Chig into a teamless hole forcing a break which led to retirement? When he left Ninja and Spartan for 2gre? I also can recall a few other moments, believe me. Lethuls move was valid because he didn't break up a team(s) and joined one he already had great chemistry with outside (Frosty especially and Snakebite + R2 getting 2nd consistently). As an EG fan, I can absolutely respect that. I don't respect a player pulling the shadiest moves since the reemergence of Halo breaking teams up consistently since S1 of H2A. A lot of you like to come on here and complain that Halo doesn't get the recognition it deserves and I love Halo but at least the CoD league, which I am not a player but heavily invested it, can make a team last a minimum of 2 seasons. I love juicy intel as much as the rest and today has been a great read but if this keeps happening you're going to lose a lot of drop in watchers from the keeping up with team changes alone. WhatsUp out.
  3. and you want Halo to be taken seriously? Then this needs to stop. He seems to be the one that breaks up a lot of teams and also, how can you support a squad with they don't even stay together for more than a season? They hadn't even played with Rayne in a real competitive environment. Remember this, if we have more than 6 top tier (Optic, EG etc) orgs by season 4, I will eat my laptop. TSM left CoD for this exact reasoning. Average squads that change like underwear.
  4. I may get down voted to high heaven but can anyone deny that Mikwen is the shadiest person in the Halo scene? If I remember correctly he has been doing extra shady stuff since the Denial roster. I'm okay with Snip3down leaving as he really did deserve a team that put time and effort in and the twins weren't taking it seriously but I'm super disappointed in Huke for leaving E6 and Bubu. Family and friends like to come on and defend Mikwen but he is a complete joke. I literally remember a whole 4-5 pages of the Worlds thread was discussing how shady Mikwen was. As much as I supported the first "god squad" (APG, Ola, Mikwen and Heinz?), the second one (2gre) and the last couple (El Town and Snip3down), there is not a chance that I will support this one. Absolutely disgusted.
  5. This. I want to see it so bad. I love RNG and E6 right now but Commonly has very good history and chemistry with Cratos and Bubu. It might be a team that could contend for first or at least cement that 2nd place spot.
  6. I just want to point something out to all who are saying the viewership is awful. Again, I hope some higher ups see this. I watch CWL and HCS weekly. CWL usually brings in 10 000 with a usual average high at 15 000 if the team has a good fan base. The Optic, Faze and 100 Thieves juice pumps it to 20 000 to 30 000 and it will fall straight back down after they play. Call of Duty is played on not 3 but 5 systems as of right now (360, One, PS3, PS4 and PC). Viewership is going to decimate Halo but the fact of the matter is we pull in 50% of the average viewer amount and it's a one system game, the system that happens to be the smallest out of the big three right now. I hope they continue the eSports push for Halo and if they don't see growth after the Halo 5 Forge PC release and Halo 6, then they should consider disbanding it but the numbers right now are great. Myself personally, I think they went about it the wrong way with a league format on such a small game but I'm just a forum stalker Kappa.
  7. I like Towey (besides him praising himself every game and slight awkward moments from not being practiced enough) but PLEASE can we give credit to Elamite? Lots of unfortunate awkward moments and Towey lacking a little in presenting, he is holding the whole show together today. I only knew him from the Skype casting he did for the cups but seeing how he is doing by himself, I would put him in my top 3 now. I hope he sees this tonight or tomorrow and keep it up, dude! Amazing work.
  8. Surely I can't be the only person who thinks Hecz gets taken for a mug like 80% of the time? In the Podcast he asked why Maniac joined Optic and he actually believed he joined to team with Flamesword. Maniac knew from day 1 of that team opening what he wanted, move out of his house and leave his job to start a new life. Can't blame him. Same goes for Flame. It's not a retirement. It's a "I'm too busy with work and holidays now". It will be interested come event time if he is still coach when he is on Holiday. Also has nobody mentioned how this CLG VS EG rivalry has the same potential as FB VS CBN. My mouth is watering, man.
  9. I actually really like Naded but he is the product of his own attitude. I was actually quite shocked that Roy and Snip3 asked him to team. I admit, he is extremely talented and on his good days, his personality can be lit. The off days though, not that I'm special but in any team event I'd never team with someone like him. He has too many inconsistencies and when Naded is down the whole team becomes down. Talented but again, kind of toxic. Harsh word but I couldn't think of anything softer. Roy mentioned in his stream that as long as Halo has money he is going to compete so I hope Lunchbox does the same. Even if they just do Monday-Friday and have weekends off, I hope they see it and continue. On top of that, Stellur and Commonly need to swap. I've mentioned it before but Commonly is hectic and fast paced. Fits RNG well. Stellur is a slayer. A top one at that right now. Put him on EG and you have in my opinion 2/3/4 of the best players on the team. A team capable of dethroning CLG. If you look at it as simple as you can, CLG understand the game down to the inch. I love hearing them talk about spawns. They are also the 4 best slayers in the game. They really have no OBJ gameplay at all, IMO. They all put work in for it.
  10. Just chiming in about stream numbers. We have a long way to go but it's positive. I don't, however, have any faith in 343. I'm sorry but the execution for growing an audience is laughable. I also want to note that CS:GO was actually close to falling off the radar. If I remember, I watched a documentary on the topic and it was a culmination of the game being put on sale and it being streamed the same weekend as the Dreamhack CS:GO event that really gave it the push. If you look at it from another point of view, we have one of the best exclusives out in terms of event numbers. It's not even on the biggest platforms (PS4 and PC). It's an Xbox One exclusive. We have very positive numbers to show for that. One of the main streaming figures we should be focusing on is not "How many watch the final" but it's how many people stream the game when no event is going on. We should be doing everything to try and get it in the top 6. In the EU, it usually tops out at a maximum of 600-1000. We should also focus on how many people tune in over the course of an event.
  11. Hadn't been on Twitter today. Thank you for that! Noticed they weren't really streaming a lot this week but got my answer.
  12. On other topics, does anyone know the reason why EG seem like they are never streaming? I might be missing something but before regionals I could find at least 2 of them on at any given time. I've seen them on this week but I feel as though they aren't streaming as much anymore. Not that I blame them.
  13. Whoever said Lunchbox has changed his game since Commonly was absolutely right. He is slaying a lot more. Yes, he still picks up the OBJ but when Commonly came on and got settled, he started referring himself to "Lunchbox Jr". This might have been a joke but if you watch the games, Commonly is doing more and more OBJ work, sometimes on par with Lunchbox. He can't do OBJ work and play at the tempo he likes which is why EG is cracking. It's great going 24 kills but when you also have 22, 23 or 24 deaths, then it cancels it out and forces the squad to play with 3. Back in H2A, EG used to wait until Lunchbox was ready to do OBJ. If he died or was on death screen, Roy and Snip3down would slay and Lethul would take over OBJ and Lunchbox would cycle in and support. Now it's Roy and Snip3down still doing all the slaying but consistently having Commonly and Lunchbox die, which is also why they are not as dominant in OBJ games anymore. No offence to Commonly at all. He was fantastic on RNG but unless he shifts into a more slayer support role, like he was at X Games, then EG will still be dominated by CLG from the fact they have 4 of the best shooters in the game. Who needs to do OBJ when you have that? They all put the work in, SnakeBite and Lethul more so. It's going to be Royal2 VS Snip3down, Frosty VS Roy, Commonly VS Lethul and SnakeBite VS Lunchbox.
  14. I never said LAN didn't matter. What I was saying though was people are calling Denial a top 3 team with little evidence besides a single top 2 finish. To call yourself a top 3 team you must also be a top 3 team online. It's still CLG, EG and Allegiance at this moment. It's who out of Liquid, RNG and Denial is going to get that 4th spot. Yes, I know they will but events don't always play out the exact same in each LAN. They got rid of the EG match early on and managed to qualify and then through having the better bracket side and Liquid/Allegiance flunking it, they gained momentum. They were clearly outclassed in the first 2 games of the CLG match and my money was with CLG losing focus which allowed them to come back in. No doubt Elumnite makes them better but to have a ranking, means you have consistently been at that position, something Denial hasn't done offline or online. You can quote this and neg me if they get higher than top 3 at World.
  15. So after the 8-0, I thought I would give another opinion. Denial is not a top 2 team. When they played CLG in the final, they had many factors that allowed them to play above their usual threshold. The biggest competition is Allegiance and those 2 teams will battle it out for 3/4 if the brackets allow. They had Elumnite, the crowd, adrenaline and moment. These can be a massive factor when playing a game. RNG and Liquid to battle 5/6. Also, with the 7/2 of RNG, I hope that is the EG slump over with and they slowly start to come in looking hot for Worlds.
  16. It's been like 4 days and I still scream like a little girl when I re watch the Bubu invis and Contra ninja replays. God damn.
  17. Just chiming in a bit late. I hope Naded doesn't go to EG. I was surprised that he got offered, if I'm being honest. I honestly do want him to win an event and Suspector and eL Town have really grown on me but his attitude sucks. He was hyped at X Games but was clearly the demotivated when it came to Saturday and seeming for no reason that I'm aware of. His unbalanced personality means it's a risk to any team and I feel as though that's all EG ever need. With regards to how the team is playing. I don't want to say it but in my PERSONAL opinion, it's down to the Commonly switch. Lethul was a slayer turned cleanup man for EG. If 3 were dead, Lethul was alive. He is an anchor. Him also being a slayer meant he could usually hold his own if it ever were to get to 3 down. Commonly on the other hand plays very frantically. High tempo, high paced. I mean, look at the X Games matched with CLG when they were super high paced. He fits in really well with RNG. He consistent dying means the team plays with 2 or 3 a lot but when he is alive, that is when EG usually start making good plays. I personally think Stellur would have been a better fit for EG. They didn't show up at all last event, though. It was almost like the first CLG X Games match when they got destroyed in groups. They can win but they honestly need to be all playing 110%. I know it's obvious but they getting tilted way too quick these days.
  18. Again, this. I really hope they see this. They thought about winning way too much and imploded. They fully expected to lose the X Games and played the most free Halo they probably will ever play. Scrims are going to be very different now because people see the giant is bleeding and will be determined to win against them. They really do need the team house. Spend every free minute they have on Halo as this is probably the biggest moment of their life. Keys to Victory - They need to stop thinking. They need to go in with strats but play with instinct. That's how they won X Games. - Shut down Royal 2 and SnakeBite. - Remember that a 4-0 can still be close. Watch the games over and over because they played as badly as they could IMO in the CLG match up. - Lastly, they need to up the tempo. CLG recognized the fast pace beat them so they upped it, EG slowed it way day and got destroyed. Also, people need to realize that they lost Lethul who in all retrospect was a slayer even though he moved to an OBJ on EG. Commonly likes to refer himself as Lunchbox Jr and so they have 2 slayers and 2 OBJ now which kind of doesn't work well in Halo. It's always been a 3 slayer and 1 OBJ squad. They need to work out roles properly and I think it should be Snip3, Roy - Slayer, Commonly - OBJ and Lunchbox - Support. Never really witnessed a support role but I think he could carve one out. Dude is a menace.
  19. That's actually a really good idea. Warzone with the ability to sell REQ packs would help out the competitive side and get people interested. Even if they don't, I had way too much fun in H3 and Reach playing BTB. They should make one of those F2P and try to get people involved. I remember when I was a young one and I had to pick between Halo VS another game. Halo always came out on top but it's also a factor in why people might not pick the game up. Times are tough.
  20. This. I don't know where the opinion came from that Denial is better than Evil Geniuses. The final match up had a lot of aspects that changed the game. CLG picked them off in the first two games and even admitted that they thought it would be easy going in game three and four. Denial end up taking the next series and a mixture of crowd support, momentum and adrenaline from the chanting made them play like a top two team. Honestly, if you haven't played in any type of competitive environment, something that small can change an entire game. With regards to Evil Geniuses, I might be a fan of the team but they absolutely did not show up for the match against CLG. I hope they go over the games numerous times because they put a mental block on themselves. They fully went in to the X Games thinking they would lose and played completely free. Now they just overthink it. I think Denial is a great squad and I would put them 3rd or 4th with Allegiance. Liquid and Renegades can currently upset them both. EG and CLG are clearly better than other teams right now. I also want to edit it, I see this CLG and EG rivalry has many of the same characteristics as the Final Boss and Carbon rivalry in Halo 2. This can only be a good thing for Halo.
  21. No, you got my question. Thank you! I am wrong in my definition of "meta" then? What I know it to be is thinking about what your opponent is thinking you will do. Please correct me if I'm wrong but if not, how does that play add to the meta of the game?
  22. I know this is straying off topic but I've tried to find context online and I can't seem to find information based on what I want. Can someone explain to me Neighbor's tweet about the flag run on "Truth"? I don't quite get it even though I understand the concept of something being "meta".
  23. Never said that once in my post. What I am saying though for like the fifth time is we need a player committee. We should not have to sort this out. You know who should have to sort this out? The players who play the game, some for a living. I was actually pointing out the trash 343 put out but the players have be nice. I mean, look at Snip3down in the Halo 4 interview. He did what everyone would have or I hope, would have to save a game he loved and still to this day gets smacked for. Meanwhile, we have Lethul praising 343 for taking breakout out when he was the one openly trashing 343 over Halo 4. Obviously nobody is going to say anything bad with 2.5 mill on the line but my god, I do get some laughs from the people who make this game, I can tell ya.
  24. Double posting because I want to reference the Ninja and Lethul argument. Didn't they say settings were coming? Didn't they say they were going to offer support? I honestly didn't think it would get as bad as Reach. That should have been the experiment and then reverted back. I actually really love the movement system in this game but they completely trashed this franchise with Halo 4, MCC and the way they are handling H5.
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