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  1. I'd rather have Danoxide than the tumbleweed I hear now. I'm in EU and play Mon-Fri and haven't heard a single call out since Christmas.
  2. Unpopular Opinion: I think Danoxide is hilarious. Yes, he can get loud but please tell me you haven't laughed at least once...
  3. H2A was a/THE lead title for Microsoft. Even if you don't count that as a remake, it's absolutely a remake.
  4. Phil Spencer just said on Twitter that games in 2017 will not be lead by Gears or Halo so that means no H6 or H3A... Honestly, if they don't do H3A and have it as a launch title for Scorpio I don't even know at this point.
  5. So guys, $100.00 on ESL announcing at Worlds that Pro League is now 10 teams. What you say? I'm taking all bets.
  6. WTF is this? I literally spent a solid minute trying to figure out if I knew who it was. Honestly thought it was a meth head if I'm honest.
  7. Also, I just want to change the topic a little. Optic did an episode of the podcast yesterday. The majority of problems came down to the game but I would say that 33% of the video was about tournaments/organizing. It seems as though Halo isn't the only one struggling. I suggest you give it a listen on the Optic YouTube but it really opened my eyes. Sometimes I get jaded since I only follow Halo REALLY closely so I just lump it on 343 and ESL and as much as the entire forum seems to think having MLG back would be a good thing, Scump summed last and this season as a "shit show" besides complementing ESL on a few things. Again, highly suggest you put it on the background and listen but I think it comes down to Activision and 343 just being incompetent along with MLG and ESL being incompetent but both are not from lack of trying.
  8. Can someone at 343 or ESL just ban Showtime already? Like clearly Cratos is involved but Showtime is the one who logged on the Xbox and now submitted the roster. Please for the love HWC.
  9. Couldn't find an answer but will Pro League still be a thing until Worlds?
  10. As an EG fan, reading what Towey said gave me a chuckle. "Throughout the season we struggled closing out close series" Lets add two players who had the most loses in game 5 shall we?
  11. Does anyone really think EG held Roy + Lunch to their contract? RoyBox were super loyal to Instinct back in the day and they have only played for a handful of different teams during H2, H4 and Reach. Plus Towey is in a comfortable role and based off his recent video is doing quite well with the current CEO going to CES with him. Plus they have a fancy new team house and are top 3 when it comes to resources/stability with EG. I think it's a case of RoyBox not wanting to leave that offer more than anything. If they did, we all know the squad would break up next season and they wouldn't be getting a lot of that salary that these other pros aren't either.
  12. Not sure if it's intel but Articc and Ace are running and playing against Envy right now in MM.
  13. If Shotzzy does go please get Renegade, Tom. He really impressed me through pro league and the play offs. I would have much prefered a Bubu, Shooter, Shotzzy and Renegade squad though.
  14. You mind saying what 2rge's GF tweeted? I remember trying to follow her when he joined EG but she was private so I just cba requesting if someone is private.
  15. Just adding my once a month post that doesn't really do much but I totally see why 343 put auto guns in Halo. As someone who has played multiplayer since H2, getting friends to pick up and play was a problem since they are CoD fans and need the fast time to kill with easy mechanics. I think it's a great idea for public matches. What frustrates me beyond belief is 343s inability to differentiate public games from professional games. I'm only able to convince my friends to pick up and play because of amazing games such as EG Vs CLG (X-Games), Denial VS CLG (NAHWCQ) and the E6 VS EG drama. Since those amazing stories started, they have loved Halo and we all sit in a Skype call #PoweredByHCS #SellOut and watch matches/tournaments together. It's by far the most enjoyable to watch FPS wise. What 343 need to understand is that you can have different settings from public/vanilla settings and sit grow both scenes as if that player has made a conscious decision to find out more about the competitive side, then they are bound to understand that small changes would occur from normal play (CoD for e.g. puts timers on death in Comp but not in a majority of pubs). Edit: Was meaning to lead back to get rid of autos, make them pick up and make pistol start for comp play. Get rid of radar or change it substantially based on pro feedback. It has no place in comp.
  16. As much as you all hate Cratos, if the potential team was Cratos, Bubu, Shooter and Contra, that would be a top 3/4 team in my opinion. What made E6 great 2 seasons ago was the slaying power that Huke had. Bubu and Shooter would OBJ/Make Plays/Slaying if needed and Cratos can actually handle himself quite well as a main/support slayer. Suspector has struggled since ALG because teams such as EG and E6 try to make him a main when he actually clashes with people like Bubu/Snipedown. He fitted on ALG because Naded was the main and Cratos was the secondary, leaving him free/helping El Town. If E6 get Contra, there are very few players that can beat him. If I remember correctly, he had the most perfects out of all the pros, has a good track record on LAN and shows up a lot in games. It would be a very, very solid squad.
  17. Yeah, keep trying to get on that casters desk because it ain't happening. burn.
  18. Please, stop. These are the guys that charged a team 5% of earning for intentionally disconnecting someone with proof along with IPs and then charging the person innocent who had been disconnecting 5% as well. Of course T2 is going to kiss ESL ass, dude was a yoga instructor a year ago. Timo is doing some nice damage control with a "we will look into it". End rant.
  19. As i mentioned before, you would not be in these forums at this time replying to people if you didn't think you fucked up. Honest to god, I watch HCS and CWL and all I hear about is disgruntled players that can't speak out because you have a hilter like rule set when it comes to speaking out. Enjoy your free time, leagues won't be around for much longer and I can't wait to repost this when it happens.
  20. I can almost guarantee you would not be on these forums right now, replying to people, if you didn't think you fucked up in some type of way. I invest my time after work watching these things but I'm done now. I'll support lans. Cya.
  21. What's putting the seasoning on the tilt for me is how ESL, T2 and Envy (Snip3down and Elumnite) and handling it. Sarcastically telling Ace to rule the rule book, a caster outright saying the opposition wouldn't have won and Snip3down of all people saying to calm down. <---------------- lol calm down he said. Boy tilts more than the tower of pisa.
  22. The reasoning for the rule is justified but in no way should it be used. Disconnections now = a full replay on a very momentum based game type and although no hard data can be produced (which I know you like), a reply, if not toe-to-toe can be tilt worthy. If a team is 45-45, teams will usually breath a sigh of relief and accept it. If you are 14 points away from winning and easily rotating bases and don't get 14 points to win ruling or an automatic win, well, what can I say it's ESL lol
  23. In my opinion, right now, there is no team we can potentially make that will beat CLG. It's the Optic Gaming CoD situation, where they have the 4 best players in the game, if one under performs 1/2 will go lights out, on top of being good friends AND sticking with the team for long periods. nV, E6 and C9(?) Have the next 6 but even then, the combined total is not enough just because of the chemistry CLG has. 4 good friends on top of being 4 of the best without a doubt. This is FB and Carbon all over again, I truly think E6 could have given them a run had they continued this season but I don't think so anymore. Lastly, I think Cratos is stupid for dropping Shooter. Just as I was liking you Cratos, you go and do that. God damn.
  24. I just checked this girl out on twitter and holy hell she is blasting APG and Ace lol
  25. Caught up from yesterday. As a current EG fan through the tough times and a lowkey old E6 supporter who is keeping an eye on the new roster, I just want Shooter to get a decent team man. Played out of his mind at the LAN, did the dirty work through the HCS and he seems like a stand up guy in the videos. My new favorite pro. Someone decent please pick him up for the love of Cortana.
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