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  1. Well thank you for admitting that nostalgia could play a role since a lot of people like to dismiss it. As for coming on here during the tournament, what else could it be? It's literally 4 weeks between each post but suddenly posts multiple times during an event as to 1. Rub it in our faces, 2. Bring attention to the fact the tournament is on and 3. What I said before. Yet I see him post multiple times, weekly on /r/codcompetitive. Not better than the snake oil salesman who come round to my grandmas trying to sell her double glazing when she has triple glazing. I genuinely have trouble understanding this. If you could explain, then maybe I could try to provide some constructive criticism. What could MLG offer Halo, that other TOs and 343 couldn't do? They have zero data and statistics when it comes to expanding a community. My theory is well documented this year, you can throw millions at GoW and Halo and people will still not want to play if the games are bad/not enjoyable. MLG don't build scenes, they chase games. Once the H5 money dries up, guaranteed we get dropped and you can quote me on this. I fucking hate ESL but it's admirable they pick up Rocket League and Rainbow Six. They really build competitive scenes even though I'm sure they would find a way to mess up putting butter on toast.
  2. Okay, so a little about me which you don't care for but it leads up to something. I may be seen as a shit poster on this forum but I can back everything up. My line of work happens to be professional event organization for Squash. I was actually a lead for the 2009 Manchester Squash World Championships, have been a lead for 4 major events each year and host a local tournament for 400 kids each half year, for the last decade. If you need credentials, please hit me up in my DM and I'll send some links over to you that can be found via the internet. So, with that said, I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about since I produce for streams and live TV with large prize pools. I honestly don't know how I can't come off as hostile but I'm not. I want critical discussion because I want Halo to succeed so I hope you can offer me something back. So, with that due, I have 2 questions not just for you, but for anyone on this forum who can offer me reasonable, critical thinking responses: Do you think it's acceptable behavior for a rep from tournament organizer to come on a forum during a live event? This is nothing more than a thinly veiled swipe at Halo, a chance for him to get a hit of dopamine from the Hot Pockets class of 2007 and outright unprofessional. Last posts are 28th January, December and November. Suddenly has time during an event to rub his improved production in our faces as a "see, look what we can do over here". What can MLG offer Halo that other TOs couldn't if they didn't shit the bed? You guessed it. Nothing. Production does not make the game. I'd rather watch 5 guys off their heads on addy in an UMG garage than this so called professionalism where the players are so far apart in the booths they have to get up to fist bump. Don't get me wrong, I love how esports is turning out but a steaming shit with sprinkles and a bow is still a steaming shit. If the developer can't get the fundamentals right (Power Weapons in FFA LOL) and (adding silenced weapons without data to back up claims, even more LOL), then MLG can't save it. If they could offer something, it would have shown in GoW, yet their viewership numbers have dropped each event since the first.
  3. Fuck me, man. MLG has upped the production, I'd openly admit. Much better than the first event but I literally can't get over the fact Adam is running an event and is coming on this forum and messaging us DURING an event. Like come on, it's almost rubbing our noses in a steaming pile of shit and asking if it smelt good.
  4. I feel sorry about Str8 and all the hate they are getting. Don't people understand how hard it is to smuggle hoodies out of prison?
  5. This will be my official last post about the debate yesterday. I didn't expect to cause so much discussion and I genuinely mean when I say I didn't want to offend anyone. A few posts yesterday triggered me and it's obvious that people in the community rank parts of Halo on different levels of importance. If you agree or disagree, use your vote on this post and I'd like to hear about your reasoning... Tournament Organizers I singled out Adam yesterday because he is the spokesperson for MLG and Halo with this forum. If it were Sundance who came here, discussing details and stirring the pot, I would have singled him out and treated him in the exact same way. I just found it incredibly disrespectful for him to come in a number of times during another event and start the rumor train again/say what they would have done differently. That alone and as a business owner would make me not want to go with them. After yesterday, people know my feelings on MLG but what they don't know is that my favorite events last year were the MLG cups. I love Pro League. I love that weekly content. Yes, it's online and it's not the same as a vibrant LAN but weekly high quality Halo and whether it's ESL, MLG or god damn Walmart, I don't care. I love that. I was just tired of MLG being held in such high regard here when they alone are not enough to save this game. We have technical difficulties, even when Lenox was here, we still had difficulties and what made me so sour was that people volunteered this weekend, I bet some of them aren't even properly trained in that department and we just ripped them to shreds. How does the community here act when I saw a few times, people bashed on the Beyond tournaments. Don't quote me exactly but I remember something being brought up and it's just vicious, ungrateful and undeserved. P.S. MLG were only given X-Games because they had an exclusive deal with ESPN, if I remember correctly. MLG did CS:GO and CoD before. I guarantee, if MLG could have picked the game, Halo would not be first on that list. As I mentioned yesterday, quick to let us go but once the money roles in, happy to be in the running again. ESL took an inital risk which is why I will stand by them for the current year and see if they learn from the year 1 mistakes. P.S. P.S. I also wanted to add yesterday, our live viewer numbers are now inline with what Call of Duty has without OpTic. Us. Halo. A game that is a console exclusive and a diminished player base now gets roughly the same amount of viewers as the past 3 Call of Duty events. Last 2 IW events got around 10-18K average and although not exact. We are on the correct lines. I'm happy with our year one growth. 343 and the future LAST POINTS. I literally can't fault this community. We have the best players, passionate forums (I mean, the sub reddit is pretty passionate), the best casters and so much more going for us. I'm going to be honest, I don't even play this game that much anymore. What I can say, though, is I'd still be playing if we had any sort of communication/impact on 343. I've had slow aim on my game since day one. DAY ONE. You have a pro players, who repeatedly come out and say we don't have communication or asking questions like "why is this gun here?" and they simply don't respond. Just because they don't have a degree in development, does not make them any less than the testers they employ. If anything, we should pander to the professionals since they put the most time into the game AND understand the finesses down to the smallest of details. These aren't kids running around willy nilly making changes. The problem with 343 is they go off data too much. Not a single brain cell goes towards common sense. What data aligned up for them to make a choice to add SILENCED guns to a map. 343 reminds me of a bunch of Dads and Mums trying to be in with the kids. I said this early on, Breakout = CS:GO, eSports = Next Big Trend, Warzone = MOBA Trend + Microsofts need for Microtransactions, ADS + Radar = Call of Duty. I don't hate the game, it's the best iteration since H3 but it's so lackluster. This weekend proved it with Renegade. No offence to the boy, he played outstanding but his win on FFA was part down to his camo timing. Ryno was only 6 kills away from catching up. It was an edge he shouldn't have gotten. It should be 8 players with no variable that can give one single person an advantage. How are power ups and power weapons still a thing on FFA? How? 7 players and 1 person gets an advantage from luck? A good spawn? That's the problem with 343. No direction. No originality. It's a "How much current trendy things can we throw into a game and hope it sticks". That's my full rant. Nothing else. I promise. I love you all. I lurk here but I know each and every one of you. You might not know me but I come on here each morning and just read. Y'all are a funny lot and it's why I come back... *insert Emma Watson GIF because I love you all*
  6. I actually didn't know that but I fucking hate ESL and that World eSports Committee thing they have going with exclusive deals with orgs in 2016. Just shitty for eSports in general.
  7. Just to get everything up and out my blood. Competitive Halo would surely have had the growth it did. If little TOs were already hosting events, it was simply a matter of time. Halo used MLG just as much as MLG used Halo. It was in MLGs best interest to use Halo. MLG benefited from Halos population where the last stat I read was 1 million daily players in H3 peak. Halo benefited from a new, well organized, well branded and funded business providing high quality tournaments to match it's competitive multiplayer. Although half a decade late, Gears and CoD joined the scene during H3. It was simply a matter of MLG using the biggest game on the planet at the time and Halos multiplayer being reknown. I'm done for now though. Happy to take this to messaging if you want to discuss it further.
  8. We get it, you love 2004 to 2012 but bringing up nostalgia from when Bush was President has nothing to do with anything in 2017 (where they have shat the bed with multiple other games and didn't take risks and other TOs did with H4 and H2A) (I'll stop now. Goodbye! )
  9. I'll end this waffling by saying I wholeheartedly agree with this but I want multiple TOs involved and I want the production to get better from everyone I was triggered because MLG is held so highly here and no other TOs are given a chance. Trust me, when I talk about CoD I still find it inexcusable that ESL hasn't paid Crimsix for a LAN last year but I agree, I just want Halo to succeed and the TOs and ESPECIALLY 343 need to pull there shit together because the game play this weekend just makes me thirsty for more.
  10. Clearly I'm not here to make friends and I'm gladly going to go back to being a lurker but its completely asinine to believe that competitive Halo wouldn't exist without Adam or MLG. I am very fond of the MLG times myself, I also get very nostalgic and apparently the general consensus is that because I don't post on this forum I must not have a rich history in Halo but I went from the MLG forums to The LAN Network and I randomly found out about this site because I wanted to know what "intel" meant in tweets. I've been here just as long as some members here. Both Gears and CoD esports grew naturally without any major (I say that with hesitance) funding. MLG and Halo are thought of in the same manner and Halo eSports growth is contributed because Sundance and t'other fella started MLG and needed the biggest game to grow the brand/business they built. At the time, Halo was just that. The biggest console game/rising to be with H2. If MLG didn't pick Halo up, I'm sure being one of the biggest games at the time, someone else would have or it would have grown organically by H3 like CoD and Gears. It was a case of right time, right branding and right game.
  11. No, I know how prolific he is but his dealings with Halo recently are just him trying to wriggle his way back in the community/living off a nostalgia hype. You can call "he was here at the start" all you want but basically how it goes is: new startup is formed (MLG) > uses popular games to grow audience > gets investment > drops unpopular games because they don't provide revenue and abandons his passion "Halo" > rides the wave of SC2, CoD, LoL and Dota > Activision buys MLG Now this is part that annoys me because now he wants in on Halo but multiple other TOs have taken risks with lesser games like Halo, Gears and the likes... 343 pours money into a game + offers multiple TOs (Virgin, ESL, MLG) > Declines because $100 000 is not enough > ESL manage to put a great show on and rightly wins future hosts for taking the initial risk > comes onto the forum every 2-3 events to stir the pot > and with this logic it's sure to get 343 to want to hire MLG with his professionalism and openly discussing event details so... profit?
  12. No, I totally understand and this wasn't a direct attack at him although I can see how it could be. Sorry @@CyReN but mentioning MLG and this forum just triggers me like no end. Basically didn't want to touch us until 343 started pouring money back into the scene yet everyone here praises them for it. Yet these TOs who put events on for a break even OR a loss literally get shafted by the forum. I'd rather take 5 "shitty produced" events like this weekend than 1 MLG event from the glory days. If you do something in this day and age at a loss it's for pure passion. I've only seen Adam around these parts since 343 announced eSports and money but that's none of my business... *insert kermit meme*
  13. This kind of pissed me off. These "random posters" are the people that visit this site and I pride myself on being that. Just because I'm not active, lurk, don't spend my time constantly whining about the smallest insignificant thing and don't have a treasure trove of Emma Watson (WHO IS AVERAGE) gifs at my disposal doesn't mean I'm any less than the people who take time out to post. I've tried to become more active recently and try to help the scene but when it comes to this forum, it's a joke. Basically in order to get up votes/people actually reply you need to be in the 20 person clique who posts memes daily and bitch about not having MLG as a TO or one of 8 pros who could literally post "lol" and get 150 up votes because they play the game at a higher standard than anyone else. In B4 a pro comes on and types "lol" for 150 up votes. Secondly, this isn't directed towards any single person but the collective. MLG ain't going to do SHIT. I'm so sick of Adam coming on here after/during events that Halo has just to say 2-3 lines to stir up the pot so these nostalgic level 50s can give MLG another chance. I'll never forget watching at home. Staying up at night and hearing the crowd cheer for Halo since there was a rumor it was getting taken off the circuit. Never in my life had I felt ANYTHING comparable. I used to laugh at how people got so emotionally charged at sports but after that moment, I stopped and I fully understand it now. I gave Timo some shit a couple of months ago. Both are just as bad as each other. Making out like MLG is some god tier TO is ridiculous. They shafted us, Adam openly admitted they were offered a chance to host but turned it down because they couldn't host it yet ESL could? If I remember, that was a pretty smooth event as well. What's worse is that Lethul comes on here and says he hates nostalgia, gets about 50 upvotes from the sheeple and then you all reminisce about MLG and Orge 2. Lastly, if you weren't too busy making memes you'd notice that MLG totally did shit the bed recently. Production was whack, quality that MLG TV in 2008 had along with one pro player coming out saying it's hurting his mental and physical health grinding for these ridiculous pro points players are playing 14 hours a day for. Oh and for good measure, because of technical difficulties you shit on TO's that go out of there way to put events out for us (probably at a loss) when they don't even have to. Yes, there are technical and planning problems but a majority of these I have been have been on the 343 side. Production hasn't been smooth but this is the first event in a while without Lenox if I'm not mistaken. There are so many more popular games they could pick as TOs but god forbid you say anything remotely supportive. I swear besides the emergence of talent and casters this weekend, this place was a negative cesspool. TLDR: I need more Emma Watson gifs if I want to make friends.
  14. I'm from the EU and unfortunately, I don't tune in to EU Pro League because I work evenings Mon-Fri but this weekend was the first time I heard you cast and you did an amazing job. You're definitely one of my favorite casters right now. Only improvement is when you get hyped, you have a tendency to wreck my ears but I'm not sure if that is you or the audio being overly loud. I no means want anything about your style changed but maybe the peak of your loudness. You did great! As for the rest of the casters, I'm not sure why Strongside gets shit on. I could listen to him all day. Super smooth. Butters is the hot new talent I've never heard but again impressed me, Ghost was a pleasure to have and I really hope to see more through the season, Elamite and T2 holding it all together and you can tell just how much experience they have. Great duo in my opinion. Would was far more reserved this event compared to the last I saw him in but he is very clear when he talks and I hope we see more of that in upcoming events. Knighty should do interviews more. His casting is good but I felt every interview 2/3? I watched, I enjoyed the ones he did. Mr David Walsh is always a pleasure and is the definition of "cheeky chap" that never fails to make me smile and Alex (axel) was a great host. Always asking the right questions for the analysts to elaborate on. TLDR: From all the eSports I watch (about 7 in total) we have the best casters in my opinion. Without a doubt in my mind. I don't know what I'm more excited about, the gameplay or the casting when it comes to Halo. Exceptional talent.
  15. It would be great to see a young squad full of up and coming players but if they got rid of Shooter, that team would undoubtedly get worse. He holds a lot of respect from the players and during scrims, he is the one organizing the team. Without him, it would be chaos.
  16. EG nearly choked that because in the last 15 kills, every kill against EG was because each player was alone. Each time you saw Liquid, they had a buddy system. It's doing my head in.
  17. How hot is it on main stage? They all look like they are dying of heat.
  18. Really like Butters as a caster. He has a very "radio" voice but he could work on his "small filler" commentary. All in all, I think he is a great caster. Lastly, it's great to see how different Bubu is on camera now. I remember back on the Denial days, he and Huke were so shy and timid. That after game interview shows how much he has developed, spoke well and even become a young leader. Looking forward to the rest of the tournament.
  19. Clearly all a marketing ploy. Same day skins comes out we have one of the biggest debates all week
  20. Because there is so much conflicting debates. We want eSports to be professional yet a tournament organizer can't be arsed to test the stream before a 50K event. We want story lines to drive viewers to our scene but they can ONLY be from who beat who in matches. Absolutely not from people getting seeds "stolen" and making an arguably funny interview. We want a clear cut rule set yet we fine teams for not wearing the same colour pants. I'm all for professional eSports but come on
  21. I know I've become a bit of a Danoxide fan boy recently, I can totally see why people don't like his personality but if you find that what he does unprofessional for eSports then I think we should focus on the 50% opacity player cams, gamer tags and no audio for the first couple hours. I do not like Cratos but he alone created more story lines in 2 seasons of pro league than any match up/tournament. These player quirks/personality traits add way more to the scene than people seem to give credit for.
  22. But I'm talking about all the new players that have come in/made a name for themselves this year. I don't think I mentioned anything meta related besides stating a lack of AMs breaking through through H4/Reach lol
  23. Not really, H4 didn't really have as many fresh players. I remember a few people making a name (Stellur? and Commonly?) but it's not been this big of a new talent pool in a long while. Especially the amount of players and considering it's only been 12 months since X-Games. It's nice to see teams finally breaking the big cliques and allowing AMs to come in.
  24. With St.Louis happening, I'd just like to reflect on the past year with regards to players. I don't think I've seen more new players appear since H3. H4/Reach was your typical top contenders and cliques but since roughly this time last year we have had major breakthroughs from: X-Games: Stellur, Commonly, Frosty, Cratos, El Town, Suspector, Eco Cups/Pre Worlds/Worlds: Bubu, Huke, Calm, Swift Kill, Rayne, Penguin Season 1 PL: Ramy, Danoxide, Shooter Season 2 PL: Falcated, Renegade St.Louis/Worlds 2017: Shotzzy, Trippy, Articc, Saiyan, Claim Again, some people might have been playing for years and years and some just recently. These are just the standout people who have had a breakthrough year or performances and I think it's looking pretty good for 12 months. Here's to Halo eSports in 2017.
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