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  1. Well thank you for response. I'm sure you will get millions of upvotes. I also thank you sincerely for answering. It's taken a long time for an actual answer (not aiming my crosshairs at you, people like to talk for you on here). However, you still seem to have a plethora of problems when running events. However small these might be, you still seem to have them and you consider yourself an industry veteran. The Halo audio problems, CoD ATL had stream quality issues and bad floor plans that honestly looked like an empty hall with 3 rows. I just can't fathom how these small problems still exsist. If you have 15+ years of experience, this should be sorted in the first 5, nevermind 10. A lot of other TOs have caught up. Riot is doing an amazing job. CS:GO is also catching up with events like Poland. The problem is, ESL is also working on a shoestring budget. They need to pick their quality up just as much. I am not happy with how things are going but you have had just as many problems as them. I just don't see how you can bring anything different. You were given chances. Also, you were offered H2A as you said but chose not to do it because of the shoestring budget yet ESL could pull it off. It's all a bit contradictory. They took an initial risk and they should be rewarded. you will probably disagree with me saying but now H5 has backing and funding, MLG is calling. You didn't help us when we needed you. You cheered on that last event. The video is chilling. ESL took the risk. Let them have it, I say. If you weren't willing to do the best on the budget you were offered and ESL was, I can't see how you offer more. Thanks for the discussion.
  2. Okay are we talking about growing the viewership or competitive grassroots players because you seem to be dipsy doodling everywhere with your reasoning and arguments here.
  3. There are so many variables you seem to be missing. If you have Optic start a day, which I have seen multiple TOs use as a marketing ploy, people will stay after since they have already been introduced to the game mechanics via supporting a team regardless of what game is playing. An overwhelming amount of the 2Ks have Optic playing first and people stay after "since they only have 2-3 games to go until the night is finished, I might as well stay". It sounds ridiculous to forum members but I'm sure you understand and consider these variables. It's why MLG has Optic play first and late a night usually in tournament play. With that said, now I see you replying. I've been on here asking for replies to these questions for a while now but nobody can seem to answer. You seem a little agitated that ESL was given the contract. They fuck up and I can't wait to rub what Timo said to me a couple of months ago in his face on Monday when it's finished. However, you were given 2 chances with Halo 5: X-Games had audio issues. National Qualifier had Audio and Headset issues that you had to next day Astros. I've watched what you have done for CoD. It's great but right now, Activision is throwing buckets full of money at CoD in the hopes of it sticking. You are doing great things with this but you were given chances and you also screwed up. You also admitted to screwing up GoW before, so since you have 10+ years of doing this. Why are you still messing up and what could you bring to Halo that ESL couldn't if they picked their pants up for once?
  4. You seem to be a very good statistician so let me ask you this. GoW 2K: 3 games, 1 of those games is Optic which brings in viewers. Short amount of total stream time. Halo Pro League (Not amateur qualification): Streams for a total of 3 hours+, 4 games, multiple teams. Now, does it pass your head that maybe the numbers are skewered? The averages for Gears would be bigger since the numbers/time would be larger than our numbers/time since we stream longer and have teams people aren't interested in and drop out. Thoughts? edit: tagging @
  5. No, if you want to make sense next time, correlate it to a Gears of War 4 2K event and we absolutely destroy them. It's online VS online. Basically the same format. #minionsquad
  6. you are really going to pit pro league numbers with tournament numbers? lol? If so, CoD world league in BO3 averaged 15K. We aren't that far behind. At least try and make some correlation. Also, the 2nd event was god awful in terms of production. Look at how empty it was. Congrats on blowing it out the water next week though.
  7. Easy, lets compare it to other EXCLUSIVE console esport shooters. We are the best. Highest viewership. Highest event turnout. Again, I know everyone here loves MLG but the 2nd Gears event ran by them, they actually removed seating and it was a massive empty hall with a main stage and about 2 rows of seats around it. I don't deny that quality should be better for a World Final but don't compare us to CoD. Just like you wouldn't with CoD to CS:GO because CS would absolutely decimate them
  8. Guess it's typical, once you get trapped in a corner you seem to go silent and wait for the minions to arrive and back you up.
  9. Brother are you actually reading what you put? Halo: Console Exclusive. 3rd biggest platform. Not even top 5 played game on the console. CoD: Multiplatform. $4 000 000. On the BIGGEST console platform where it's top game on both consoles. Biggest entertainment franchise. CS:GO: The biggest platform and currently one of the highest played and watched games on Steam and Twitch. MILLIONS in prizes each season. Seriously, how do you relate any of these besides "hurr durr it's an FPS"?....
  10. Have you actually tuned into the Twitter stream? It's actually brought new viewers in. If we have to inflate numbers to bring people in, then so be it. It's how you grow an audience. Get it out as much as possible, anywhere. Is it morally wrong to include the numbers? Up to who you are talking. Never answered my question as to why you are referencing CoD, a multi platform, $4 000 000 pool, biggest entertainment franchise event photos with Halo, a console exclusive on the 3rd biggest platform that's not even in the top 5 played games. Just interested....
  11. Exactly, you can't please anyone around here. Would you rather have inflated numbers that get people watching even though they are factually providing the truth or would you like the average viewership without Optic gaming because let's face it, it's basically the same. Since they watch one team and dip. What you fail to understand is Halo has the biggest viewership for ANY console exclusive on any console platform. Yet you keep bringing up MLG pics of CoD that is multiplatform and the biggest entertainment franchise?
  12. Don't you just love it when forum people complain about viewership? "These figures are fake" "Bet with Twitter is at 2 million now" "No idea where they are getting this figure from" LMAO you people are ridiculous. It's all jokes with you. It's literally been on the side of my Twitter all weekend. Even people who know me are telling me about it. Considering the average concurrent users of Twitter is anywhere from 50 000+ minimum, it's really not far-fetched. Yet, you aren't even thankful for that even though I've seen a few new people tune in from the Twitter stream. It's okay though, we'll just let forum shit posters create narratives that make us look equally as bad and professional players get salty because they came 5th/6th :D :D :D :D :D
  13. I dislike Greenskull. I'm saying this again, I dislike him. Then again, It's really not like someone with a reputation on the forum for being a shit poster would put up unflattering pictures to create some sort of narrative, though, right? :D :D :D :D https://twitter.com/Greenskull/status/845738875108536320
  14. Don't you just love it when people post videos about MLG crowds literally cheering for their games to be kept on a circuit only to be misconstrued as that was the crowd each event? No? How about referencing an MLG event from the biggest selling entertainment franchise of all time that is multiplatform, top played console game, available on the current biggest console base and has 4000000 prize pool? I sure do love it
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