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  1. Sunday, EU Pro League Final (LAN) Next week NA relegation on Saturday (LAN) NA Pro League Final on Sunday (LAN)
  2. I had a game a few minutes ago where there was a difference of 10 minutes in a 15 minute game.. Game was unplayable.. This was the game, 150 - 0 for a 15,5 minute game.. http://halotracker.com/h5/games/joram/3d72c8db-90b6-4e07-bfb6-01398edf6148?page=0
  3. One simple question: How to spartan charge while in mid air? I Sometimes see people do that on stream, but when I try to do this it automatically goes to ground pounding. I play on Bumper Jumper..
  4. Confirmation of the 80k req pack: https://twitter.com/Halo/status/710497157254672385 Apparently I'm unable to embed the tweet
  5. There will be shared more information on Thursday.. Maybe the 80K req pack that leaked out earlier?

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