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  1. My guess would be Lethal and Formal honestly, I don't think formal will stay away from halo for another season. With all those trolls, there was some truth in them.. You don't become Champion 1 in halo while competing in COD if you don't love it.. My opinion is he'll be back for this next big tourney, if not then I'd say Snip3down would team with Lethal, Frosty, and Commonly. If Roy/Box leaves.
  2. After I asked Roy that question on stream I maneuvered over to lunchbox stream cause he was streaming too, and asked him the same thing and said is it true that you and Roy are retiring off into the sunset after this big 2 Mil tourney and he said no. So idk I think he still wants to do it, but Roy's hearts not into anymore or just sounded like he felt he was getting to old for Halo and didn't want to be playing in his 30s? But who knows maybe that halos actually getting big again that might change his miscospected mind?
  3. He told me on stream that this was his last season as well, I was just wondering if any of these forums boys knew him personally and could tweet at him and ask him if that is still so or if he's changed his mind. #dontlethimgo
  4. I was told that Roy was retiring after this season? #trueornottrue #confirmordeny #evidence #proof
  5. Does anyone know what the prelims are? Are they going to eliminate everyone besides the final four teams or something? How's that going to work?
  6. Why is fat boii cratos calling everyone a dumb nerd, isn't that literally what he is? An Ignorant nerd
  7. Heyyyyyy where'd my comment go, all I wanted to know is when it starts tomorrow #LCQ
  8. nah commonly teamed with Cipherize, Life Alert, and Bitanga was their fourth I believe in 2012 a halo Reach event.
  9. it definitely ain't no h3 which that was DEFINITELY the best halo to play, and a amazing spectator sport, but yeah it can get boring if EG aren't playing, they need to implement oddball.
  10. just like I said Puckett is JR of halo! #bestcommentatorever #makesthegamemorehypethanitis
  11. there waiting till regionals to drug test, calm will be the first one in selected for their random drug test protocol. kappa
  12. @MLGPuckett He's the Jim Ross of halo why in the F wouldn't he be commentating too oh how I've missed the best halo commentator of all time...
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