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  1. I've been out of the loop. Any word on who Penguin and Rayne are going to run with? Forgive me if this has already been covered somewhere.
  2. 06 kid here. I hibernate for a couple of months and I come back to airkick calling the forums cancer, rostermania 2017, Rayne and Penguin are about the 2v4 the league. At least Cratos is keeping it consistent. All this change was starting to be scary. Hi guis!
  3. I'm going to have to watch the E6 v CLG rebroadcast. Wasn't expecting that at all. Just tuned in to watch nV beat EG and saw the matches for today. Props to E6 for being that 1 tally in the L column for CLG so far. But part of me thinks this won't affect too much. CLG is still the strongest team out.
  4. I remember playing him in HXC. Today I learned something.
  5. Edit: http://teambeyond.net/forum/forum/39-halo-player-finder/
  6. Well if they build a competitive scene I can see this game lasting(on PC of course.) Enjoyed Goldenboys casting and his interaction with Us. But you gotta make that money.
  7. Whats the point of making such a huge universe so empty then? Thats a buzz kill.
  8. Yea but i'm sure you'll still be able to play with friends.
  9. we gotta do a TB squad of raiders and go around fucking shit up. Have our own planet/system.
  10. I agree with this. When I was doing kings fall in the beginning and was learning the mechanics it was so easy to pick up. watching people struggle with golgoroth or the sisters is insane to me.
  11. Just sucks in a sense. I'm just over running Kings Fall for gear(its really boring.). I think its cool the 3 of coins can be used in pvp for exotic drops, but I haven't been getting jack shit gear wise running things. Idk, its fun factor is just flatlining for me. And yea, its cool about character transfer, but unless they make a major change to the difficulty in gear acquisition(aside from their really bad RNG to begin with. I HOPE the raids get much harder in the future.) in their vertical gear progression, it won't take me long to cap or be close to light capping.
  12. H1: 7. Only ever played it with friends. But had a blast still. Never got too nerdy with it. H2: 8. My introduction to a bigger MP world. I didn't enjoy the lag online much in certain situations, but Lan was amazing. Had so much fun going to events. H3: 7. Enjoyed the maps, and the sniping. But I wish the BR stayed the same. I felt like if the BR was tighter it could've been the absolute best after tweaks to competitive settings. HR: 6. The aiming always felt so fucking jank to me. Like going back and playing h2/3, those games felt much smoother moving my reticle around. I always felt like I was in a sensitivity crisis because everything felt so jerky. I didn't even mind the bloom sometimes, it was always how the game felt at the sticks that made me dislike it. H4: 4. At the time, I wasn't down with having to be forced to install the game to my hard drive. I understand this is pretty much the route all games took in the future, but at that time I hated it. Didn't hate the weapons so much, but everything felt weird aesthetically. I hated the map design and colors. Thought throwing/catching the oddball was cool. MCC: Trashcan. Tried to play it over a friends house after some of the 'problems' were fixed. Mainly played h1 because Vista is garbage and I didn't want to deal with dodgers in 4v4s trying to get specific maps/games. H2A: 4. I didn't mind it, but just couldn't get into it. H5: Yet to play. Got a ps4 instead of an XB1
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