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  1. took a solid two month break from halo...whatd i miss? hyped for this weekend!!
  2. I've been really on and off with following Halo esports stuff lately, what happened to envyus? Did they dip out of Halo?
  3. hahahahahaha...wait, this is actually a good idea. and even if it's not a good idea, not like the lore has much going for it after H5 anyway
  4. I love how 343's problem is we have to provide them data, when they themselves aren't providing the data to us. LIke what do you mean the data shows people like sprint more? What data? Show me this data, 343. Where is it? Is it internally-collected data? Who are you surveying? What are the methodologies here? Why should we believe you then if you won't even show us this data? They claim to have all this data that shows people like their direction. And yet all the publicly available information indicates otherwise. Stream views, population rankings, even anecdotal experience is at least more than what data they've provided us (aka none). What conclusion do they expect us to come to, aside from "halo is dead"? It's this really subtle, insidious thing they do where they ignore the public data we all can access in favour of internal data none of us can see, in an attempt to control the narrative around data entirely. They take out things like population counters within the game to continue to consolidate this narrative. And it doesn't even acknowledge that sometimes data isn't applicable in certain situations, but that conversation is so fucking far away right now it's not even worth pursuing. I will never understand why they do this -- we're far beyond that point. It's obviously a misguided failure of a method. But I guess if I were to summarize 343i in a phrase, it would literally be "misguided failure". So I guess I shouldn't expect anything more than this.
  5. this would actually compel me to watch a CoD tournament for more than just the finals
  6. lol fam I'd bet literally over half the people involved in esports at a high level right now started with one of the original Halos, at least in North America
  7. Maniac just accepted an award on behalf of Formal at the esports awards while fucking S M A S H E D edit: video
  8. Happy 2nd birthday Halo 5! Anyone know where we can get balloons to celebrate?
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