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  1. The Box of alleged candy was NERDS.WTF Smarties . 2ND the look and hand slip away when he notices he is on screen resembles my kids when I walk into the kitchen and the ganking my Tagalongs . STR8 GUILT
  2. Tsquared squad playing Xrossfade on Xrossfade stream as on now
  3. Just a public service announcement don't sleep on Denial. They got 2 hungry young monsters, possibly the most overlooked player,and his partner in crime. There gonna go ALI n shock the world.
  4. YepU sell more games and become relevant in the Esports community again. The Harcore/Tryhard need to realize for every 1 of u there qre 50 casual gamers that buy n play the game.
  5. Arthritis for one Carpel tunnel there are many SC2 and PC gamers done at 28 or so due to these injuries
  6. APG might have just Left his team Live on Ace's Stream......
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