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  1. That was forzawillza. I got this tag as a random suggestion when I joined xbl. Great montage though
  2. 17% in taxes is steep, if it's true that it's $2.5k after deduction.
  3. Frosty playing with CLG while waiting for ace to wake up to to announce the team change
  4. If i may have an opinion, I think this roster could do great things. EG - Snipedown, Roy, Suspector, Ogre 2
  5. Houston GT: willzaforza Skype: willzaforza
  6. A little late but I love how nobody was streaming before the event to hide strats but yet CLG streamed and still just had a walk in the park at the event.
  7. I'm just waiting for the ultimate “John Cena" team change meme to happen
  8. Work is only 8 hours from now. I need at least 2 hours of sleep to “function" at a basic human-esque level. That leaves 6 hours to sit and wait on anything official...
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