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  1. Idk why but even though MCC's H3 has a smoother frame rate and runs at 1080p, the 360 version just feels better imo.
  2. So hard to decide! Since I'm a wuss, I'm going to name my top 5 for all Halo games up to 3. (best to worst) Halo Combat Evolved 1. Blood Gulch 2. Battle Creek 3. Hang Em High 4. Damnation 5. Death Island Halo 2 1. Coagulation 2. Zanzibar 3. Lockout 4. Beaver Creek 5. Sanctuary 6. Terminal Halo 3 1. High Ground 2. Valhalla 3. Last Resort 4. Guardian 5. Rats Nest 6. The Pit 7. Sand Trap Okay here are my top 10. 1. High Ground 2. Coagulation 3. Valhalla 4. Zanzibar 5. Guardian 6. Rats Nest 7. Lockout 8. Beaver Creek 9. The Pit 10. Sanctuary What are yours?
  3. Only in some sort of social playlist. But if it were up to me, I'd remove sprint and all armor abilities.
  4. I've just been having a blast on Halo 3 (360) Anyone wanna join? Or maybe try and complete the campaign on legendary? Yeah the 30fps takes some time to adjust to. But Halo 3 on the 360 offers more playlists than Halo 3 on MCC. So I still see the 360 version as the definitive Halo 3 experience in terms of content at least.
  5. It's obvious enough at this point that 343 does not plan on fixing the MCC. After what happened with the launch, they're trying to avoid it at all costs. But for those of us who still really enjoy Halo 3 and wanna keep playing it, I think it's time that we jump back onto the 360.
  6. I was wondering if anybody wanted to play Halo 3 ODST Firefight on 360. My gamertag is HellJumper5252
  7. Master Chief may be more dear to my heart but I do like Edward Buck a bit more.
  8. My top 5 favorite Halo games are (best to worst) 1. Halo 3 2. Halo 2 3. Halo Reach 4. Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 5 Guardians tied 5. Halo 3 ODST (this one would be higher on the list if it had it's own multiplayer) Halo 4 is my least favorite by far. It's a great game but it's not a great Halo game at all. My top 5 favorite Halo characters are (best to worst) 1. Edward Buck 2. Thel Vadam 3. Master Chief 4. Cortana 5. Ship Master 6. Sargent Johnson 7. Agent Locke 8. The Grave Mind 9. Fred 10. Carter What about you guys?
  9. This is the closest I could make my spartan look to Master Chief. And the one on the right is my Spartan. Currently I'm trying to unlock the HellJumper helmet. My gamertag is HellJumper5252 so if you ever wanna play Halo 5 or MCC then hit me up. I have the unicorn helmet which I hear is really popular but I honestly don't like it at all.
  10. About a month ago I received about 14 Warzone Req bundles for free. I bought the digital deluxe edition so that might have something to do with it but idk. I'm confused. Do they give you those monthly?
  11. Yeah well there's a higher chance of someone responding here.
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