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  1. Just as the title says. Add my Gt: Self Righteous
  2. Im not getting any lag. Try watching it on xbox
  3. Im so Happy for this Infamous Squad. We finally have a team who can compete with Ambush #LFG Infamous
  4. Agl does not play Consolation. Classic tied for 5th with GMM and Cryptic Tied With BTH for 7th
  5. I think this is a very bad decision by Classic. My reasoning behind this is that every team that pulls this move doesn't see the success they think their going to achieve with their new roster. When Str8 Rippin dropped Naded and Ryanoob after placing second placed badly and even recently when warriors dropped Ryanoob and fell short of the success they were hoping for. I think what Ghandi said was right that the Classic roster was going to be 1000% better next event and that they ran out of gas after running through the loser's bracket. I'll Still be rooting for Classic and whatever teams Ryanoob gets on. Mikwen and Ryan are my favorite pro's
  6. Roy to be on fire and Classic to take the whole thing in a close series with Ambush
  7. I seriously can't not wait for this update anymore! I just wish I could see the faces of those DMR users tomorrow when I 4 them all day tomorrow
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