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  1. TOX cements themselves as the best team in halo 5 and one of the greatest halo teams OF ALL TIME. What an incredible legacy. They started it as the best team and they will end it despite many contenders viaying for the title as best team.
  2. Gaskin called Splyce lazy and I kinda agree. Not practing at all really? Even if you're doing two games you could still put in more effort then they did.
  3. https://twitter.com/Slasher is this...true? if so activision really does ruin everything. glad i don't support them in any fashion. especially after the first destiny.
  4. So has anyone else come to conclude why they think Splyce lost? I see a lot of people saying its because "they didn't care and just assumed they would win". (EX, not practicing new maps)
  5. IMO, splyce is four really amazing individually skilled players who have no idea how to play from behind or defensively. If the goal is to capture a flag, they zerg rush it and win based on individual plays which just so happen to work out good for the team. But it's not teamwork the way TOX does it. This is part of the reason why (I believe it was reciprocity?) I believe penguin catching shotzzy rushing to their flag stood out to me so much, they base so much of their games on individual plays that when they get caught like that, it looks like a bad play. It's not really a bad play, it's just HOW THEY PLAY. And they are playing the game. The goal is to capture a flag so they try and do that. They just don't do it the same way others do. What stood out to me in the sanctuary match was TOX barely letting splyce get past the center. Splyce is always in the bases in other matches, always pushing out, always trying to flank. This allows them to set the tempo of a match because their individual skill level is so high that they push in, get the slays, and then keep controlling the tempo. When you don't let them do that, they seem to falter. I don't really know their comms but I bet it wasn't as organzied as TOX's.or even reciprocitys. (also I'm not trying to imply that splyce doesn't have teamwork, just emphasizing individuality is a part of their special brand of teamwork). I think this is reinforced by their using doubles to practice and their general lack of practice in other areas. It's clearly pretty succesfful but as strongside pointed out, people are catching onto why splyce beats them. And personally I feel that the only way to beat splyce is to have perfect teamwork and to force them to play a game that ISN'T halo 5 they want to play. And this is all just my opinion. I'm no analyst. But it does make me wish we could have a big analysis by people because the way splyce plays is so different from everyone else and it makes it even more fascinating because I'd love to know the exact reasons why reciprocity and tox were able to win against them when nobody really believed they could do it. God would I love a massive detailed breakdown of those two series.
  6. The real winners of the event are the people who get to roast lxthul publically.
  7. don't know if yall saw it but neptune took the loss super hard, harder then I thought =/ I mean him going to london for video games when he's that young is a big thing to ask for...I guess he really wanted to impress upon him that this was a good decision. Tough going home then that early =/
  8. I wasn't looking for a discussion, I just made a snide observation. But to answer your question, I like entertaining tournaments and matches. The reset had both.
  9. I think you and me have very different ideas as to what we are looking for in a tournament then lol
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