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  1. It might not be a grappling hook after all...
  2. Most things in Halo are physics based, one would think they'd understand how much more potential a physics based grappling hook has in a game like this. For once, I'm hopeful.
  3. Do we know if it will be free on PC for MCC owners on xbox? aka Xbox Play Anywhere?
  4. When the PC gaming show has been running for 1 hour and 15 minutes and there's still no sign of the MCC coming to PC EDIT: WELL, FUCK. Last chance is it will be announced at the Inside Xbox Specials during the rest of E3: "The Xbox E3 Briefing was only the beginning. Join Inside Xbox for game reveals, breaking news, and special guests." If that's not the case we still have eldewrito... oh, wait.
  5. If Halo Infinite is getting split in 2 with SP releasing in 2019 and MP releasing in 2020 there's no way the campaign will be linear. At least not a standard 6-8 hours campaign. I'm expecting it to be some form of Open World set on a Halo (apparently installation 07) with these latest rumors. Not really sure how to feel about that at the moment.
  6. If anything you should be happy they didn't waste their time on animals.
  7. Considered that 2019 has been announced as the release date of Gears 5, 2020 is looking more plausible.
  8. "We still have a long way to go" Well, that was pretty unexpected. Most of us thought we would be getting a new Halo pretty soon. Back in 2014 343i stated that the Halo 5 beta was incredibly helpful for the development of the game and that they were considering the idea of having betas 1 year before release for future Halo titles as well. At this point I'm expecting an Open Beta to come next year and the release set for 2020 (damn, new decade). I'm happy they are taking their time for the new engine and the classic story focused campaign, although I would expect the multiplayer to be built on Halo 5 Mechanics. With all this time at their disposal they won't really have many excuses for not delivering an amazing game.
  9. Last time I watched Halo was during HWC 2017 finals, these new rosters look spicy! Is T2 still a caster? PS: good to see Halo back with MLG
  10. Worth it. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/owN%20Forward/video/26590299
  11. Can't believe it only took 3 months for The Coalition to implement this to Gears of War 4: And yet we are still getting banned for losing connection to the servers more than 1 year later from the release of Halo 5.
  12. What an amazing show that was, so happy for the future as well.
  13. I'm assuming "Premium Voice of War REQ Pack" stands for real money only purchase, right? Hopefully we can randomly find these narrators in normal packs too, just like all the other REQ items...
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