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  1. rocket race on hemmorage was awesome. if reach was nszb from the start, reach mlg> h3 and 2 mlg
  2. i'm not so sure about that... comparing a single aspect of a game to another game... agreed. but that doesn't help your case as to why blops is better it's not perfect and has it's flaws, but how is game where people can spawn with whatever guns they want any better? atleast with the first option you know what your up against, in cod whoever has the better class has a better chance at winning. that's not always the case but at it's core, it's unbalanced im not trying to say halo 4 isn't a garbage arena shooter, we all know this. but you and I can agree that halo ce is one of the most balanced, competitive experiences on console. which game seems closer to that, TTD in halo 4 or league in blops 2?
  3. well this whole thread is comparing all the shooters of today right? and I was originally replying to how someone said blops 2 is better than halo 4. is this forum not dedicated primarily to competitive fps? I based my reply to his comment looking at it from solely a competitive viewpoint. and IMO class based shooters don't emphasize skill to the exstent that arena based shooters do. halo 4 isn't a pure arena shooter but TTD is at it's core arena based, where players are given an equal fighting chance. feel free to disagree but that's what I believe
  4. my list is to point out the many different things that are handed to the player in league, where as in throwdown everyone starts out on equal ground. I will concede that blops 2 is more fun to play currently and has more consistant weapons but citing balance as a reason to prefer it over TTD in halo 4 is ridiculous IMO, no offense.
  5. oh i'm sorry, I wasn't aware that having players start on uneven playing fields is some how balanced. ranks alone doesn't make a game balanced for competitive play. class based shooters < arena based shooters.
  6. lets see.. target finder, millimeter scanner, dual band, m8(OP), Kap40(OP), silenced lmgs with no recoil (OP), semi-auto snipers (OP), all of which are in league plus more... I think i'll take throwdown because league is a joke
  7. ok, I understand you can't talk about future plans but can you atleast tell me if their are any plans of discussing possible tweaks to h4 MM
  8. hey bravo. I would like to know if your able to talk about any progress being made towards getting NS gametypes. are they being considered by 343? is it being tested for v5. I believe making the proper changes now like descope, less aim assist and more settings to adjust would be essential baby steps to shaping how H5 should be
  9. after viewing saucey's recent video, I think now more than ever we have to talk with the devs about e-sports support. it's not just cod we have to worry about. BF4 is getting a spec mode and there's already talks about mlg picking it up. H5 really is make or break, it's too late to save h4. all we can do now is push for the things we need in H5. a beta would be the first thing that comes to mind.
  10. the community is separated enough as it is though. why have two of the same thing when both of them emphasize the same competitive mindset. besides, it's just seem overly complicated for no reason
  11. hey the unity guys have a landfall variant without framerate problems, please try it out for testing.
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