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  1. +1 for awesome cinematic scenes +1 for SWS good stuff man
  2. I'm with Mesty, I got Astro a40 TR's and mix amp tr before christmas last year, and i love them. there has been several times i call "astro moments" where i could hear where the enemy was coming from and react quicker.
  3. hey man, i'm in the same boat! GT:MrUPC
  4. Whats up TB Im Adam (MrUPC) and i've been a halo player since CE. Last November I was looking for a game to get my wife gaming with me, she couldnt get used to the dual joystick move/look set up and I thought what better way for her to learn to move than to learn on the game that i learned on. So i sought out and bought a used xbox one and halo MCC. the nostalgia of replaying was amazing. When halo 5 came out i was instantly hooked and brought back into fps and console gaming (ive been a pc gamer exclusively since 2009) I dont get much time to play but i just started a youtube channel Add me on Live, follow me on twitch and feel free to check out my videos!
  5. go with the 6 core. bc you can always overclock it.
  6. greg said that the bullet hit his cheek bone and shattered cheek bone fragments took out his eye
  7. Decided to record and upload my average gameplay. This is episode 1 and it features my first 2 FFA placement matches since the Feb Reset. Game 1 went great, but Game 2 took a turn for the worst. I was platinum in Jan but matched up against some higher diamonds and an onyx. Once i was tilted is was all over.I'll also be doing my slayer and possibly my arena placements in a series. The slayer is a little better since theres more communicationfeel free to check it out, like, leave a comment, or any constructive criticism Episode #1 FFA
  8. i enjoy break out, not so much these community maps but thats bc i dont like change and learning new maps lol. but break out arena was just awful and having it in the team arena playlist was bad as well. glad it will be in its own playlist only
  9. fixing one thing breaks another i guess. i dont get much time to play but out of the like 6 games i started last night i was only able to complete 2.
  10. anyone else having real bad rubber banding / lagging in matches? i too got my first ban hammer yesterday after i lagged out of 3/3 warzone games... and 1 break out. this was my first time playing since the Feb update.
  11. is anyone concerned about EG's slaying abilities? seems like in their past few qualifiers and last night they dont seem to be doing so well in slayer

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