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  1. man clg just has eg's number. EG is just permatilt when it comes to playing clg. i agree with the lack of practicing. like how do you expect to win against a team that plays significantly more. i dislike clg but admire their grind and dedication to practice
  2. haha for sure! this dude plugged his mic in towards the end just to complain
  3. i think i played you last night and got steaked... soloq no mic
  4. no doubt, that would be awesome.. i think theres a tv show coming out on TBS or something about esports. http://www.e-league.com/?sr=+esports%20+tv
  5. youtube walshys halo history, its actually very nostalgic and entertaining to listen to
  6. as an owner of a custom pc company this excites me the only reason i bought an xbox one was to play h2 since the one for vista stopped being supported/working. then h5 came out and i havent really played on my pc until last week when doom came out the PC is the largest gaming community and is going to continue to grow, because consoles become obsolete practically the moment theyre released. i think theres a lot of misinformation surrounding pc gaming such as price that deters a lot of people away. and while you can build a 10,000 dollar rig, you certainly dont need to to play games at 1080 60fps goodness
  7. i've been thinking this too. with his tweet, and his blurred GT and all.
  8. lol i join them just for fun, ive made it to round 2 a few times solely due to byes last time me and a friend goosed against Trippey and claim i think
  9. GT: MrUPC Custom/MM : MM Region: NA looking for team to run arena with. Onyx in FFA, Diamond some in everything else
  10. nightmare mode hard af. just got to hell and died like a dozen times already lol
  11. i'm still enjoying it. im not in the onxy + rank tho so its not as sweaty. but the other day in arena i played maybe 5 games and all but 1 finished with full team. the 3 arena games i played someone lagged out or quit same for 1 swat
  12. i played in an astro 1v1 against fire bird. got stomped. i watch some of his clips he records. theyre all pretty sweet against some top players
  13. id like to see Snipedown roy jimbo suspector EG needs more slay power. i feel like snipedown and roy can hold up the obj end of it
  14. i think its unfortunately obvious that EG peaked at Xgames. they just didnt seem like a team at worlds. i noticed they kept getting flanked like no one was communicating where the other team was. and not celebrating after any win shows they were already defeated to me.

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