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  1. im an avid pc gamer (actually own my own custom pc company) And i wouldnt mind using the controller at all on pc
  2. i finshed onyx the last several seasons but solo'd my slayer placements and got diamond 2 . i think i finished onyx 1630, at least now i get some sort of grind
  3. 2001 - Halo: CE - my neighbor got xbox on launch in 7th grade and we played it after school every day. it was awesome man. i got my og xbox that christmas 2004 - Halo 2 -bought day 1, was life. many many many days spend playing, lanning in my basement on crt tv's, our town had a game store where they had 4 xboxs set up to play.. you could rent it out for the night. we'd play halo 2 for hours then switch to half life 2 death match, and counter strike 2007 - Halo 3- got it at launch as well but didnt really care for it bc it wasnt halo 2.. i felt like you could melee across the map and disliked it 2009 - Halo 3 ODST - skipped 2010 - Halo: Reach -skipped 2012 - Halo 4 - bought it, played like maybe 3 games online, did even finish story mode 2014 - Halo: MCC- picked up late. after halo 2 i converted to pc gaming , and didnt buy an xbox until like amonth before halo 5 came out. bought mcc for nostolgia and so my wife could learn do use the controller. what better way for her to learn than to play the games i learned on. (ps didnt happen, she quit lol) 2015 - Halo 5: Guardians - brought me back into the competitiveness of it. i dont get a lot of time to play, but man when im on, playing with my team grinding arena i love the competitiveness. it keeps me hooked!
  4. this was the best man. the hype, the story line, everything lined up so perfectly!
  5. lol know the feels, 2 onyx 1600 somes with a platinum and diamond get matched champ 3, 13, and 100 some plus an unranked lolol
  6. in before clg loses and rng looses to ensure EG goes to lan to hype the season long eg story..
  7. yeah but throwing the match and getting EG into lan is good for the story
  8. Halo 5 2v2 Tournament 7/16 Please register a team on challonge.com and sign up through the sign up page . Please make sure to include you xbox GT's in the team description the owner of the team will be responsible for checking in 15 mins prior to the start time of 4pm Eastern, and the higher seeded team will be in charge of inviting the opposing team. 1) Team Slayer (Score Changed to 30 kills to win) 2) Maps: Empire - Truth - Fathom (Best of 3) DISABLE OVERSHIELD, CAMO and other POWERUPS Empire - Truth - Fathom - Regret - The Rig (Best of 5 for the Finals)
  9. anyone else getting matched up with a lot of boosters lately. i solo queued arena (bad idea) the other day and matched champ 119, onyx 2700, onyx 1600 and a platinum 4...i'm only diamond 4 in that right now. had 3 onyx's on my team but they werent over like 1700
  10. i got the elite at launch as well. to me it def is an advantage to people using the regular controller. the trigger stops , and paddles have def helped me in many occasions. like a few others mine has not broke yet.
  11. just rewatched the X games champ match i want to believeeeee
  12. glad i didnt stay up to watch the eg vs clg game... eg is playing so badly. its hard to root for them at this point tonight's predictions TL 1 RNG 3 E6 1 EG 3 ALG 0 CLG 3 OG 2 NVY 3
  13. RNG VS NV - 3-2 RNG ALG VS E6 - 3-0 E6 TL VS OPTIC - 3-2 OPTIC CLC VS EG - 3-1 EG I think eg will maybe take a slayer game from clg, but we shall see
  14. that would be awesome lol... i feel i need to be the one to take them down!
  15. dislike clg bc lethxl but have to admire and respect their grind. the only team that doesnt have to practice but ends up practicing more than every other team

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