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  1. Starting off with h5 then to MCC later https://www.twitch.tv/mrupc
  2. what do you think was a bigger tilt factor at worlds.. Spartans controller disconnect or APG's premature celebration embarrassment
  3. anyone here go to the King of Prussia one? it was pretty cool. there was like 20+ people there. we all had a rule sheet that had pistol starts and hcs map settings. as mentioned earlier, the input lag was rough, also my normal sens felt like 10x heavier. i got 5th, but it was def a fun time. originally they werent going to let us use our own controllers which would have sucked big time for me, but right before we started they clarified and made an announcement
  4. HCS Pro League Summer 2017 teams, seeds, and destiny discussion
  5. can someone please make a youtube conspiracy documentary about the str8gate so we can consider it as facts?
  6. hasnt been much cratos hate in here.. so i clipped these from Ac7tionMann's stream just now lol https://clips.twitch.tv/ac7ionmannn/CautiousLouseTriHard https://clips.twitch.tv/ac7ionmannn/SuperMallardSoBayed
  7. what if its taking so long to release worlds info, because theyre finalizing things with MLG to host in Columbus? nah imagine
  8. i like the ffa playlist, but cant ever get games anymore. matter of fact i cant really get games in FFA. Breakout, or Swat =/
  9. i just want to get an FFA game, i literally search for 10+ mins on expanded and get nothing. its like theres only 6 players and i have to wait for one to leave lol
  10. https://www.facebook.com/OfficialiSmiLe/videos/1406578246022201/ here is a whole game from iSmile where the one dude is cheating with the carbine, and ar. if you look at the magazine, each carbine shot is like 7 rounds
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