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  1. The Pro League coupled with that reality series on pros would have been better. Show the the build up to the matches, would have given better exposure as well. The spotlight on the players, orgs, team houses, drama etc.
  2. For two years we heard how no team had an answer for CLG/OpTic, Splyce is the answer and people are upset. Go back to your shanties. Let the other teams now figure out how to beat Splyce.
  3. I don't get it. They use post Halo 4 Mjolnir armor to represent Spartans in Ready Player One. But in this Mega Construx ad, they use pre-Halo 3 Mark VI Mjolnir armor... 'Are we supposed to believe these are magical armors, boy I sure hope someone got fired for that one'.
  4. Snip3down doesn't get the respect he deserves. Consistently been one of the GOAT's.
  5. Ninja is the hero we deserve but not the one we need right now. He is just 'Missing in Action'. Plus with you and MLG back Adam, H6 will be thw rebirth
  6. Even though I am not VIP. MLG, 343 put on a fantastic HWC. Venue and people are great.
  7. You go above and beyond for us Grim. Can't wait till H6 so we can start up the lore talk again.
  8. Do we get the voice of war pack if we watch on thr mixer app on Xbox One or it has to be the mixer site?
  9. It is crazy to see Tox outclassed in every way the way they used to outclass others when they were CLG and OpTic the oast two years.
  10. Ninja has said multiple times why he left Halo and the main reason wasn't finances. He wasn't even making that much with Fortnite and PubG when he did decide to just stream fulltime. He did not like multiple aspects of H5 gameplay (missing gametypes, heavy/poor aim). Then you had things like the fact he would bring in multiple orgs and be dropped. He understands that last point because it is the name of the game when rostermania happens but remember the drama with him and Ace before X-Games? The biggest complaint was lack of support from MS/343. Numerous pros complained of the way HCS was run. Each event more so than the last. Forcing breakout on pros, online tournament play that went overtime meaning some east coast pros would be up like 3AM. Poorly run events with few LAN opportunities. He even mentioned scheduling things while something like Twitchcon happening. The biggest one was the Halo World Championship 2017 which was the eSports laughingstock. Why would he put any more time into a game that wasn't bringing him viewers, wasn't drawing orgs and other streamers, where other pros complaining and a very poorly run league? He got donations during H1Z1 in one day that were more than his entire Halo pro career. Now he's making a fortune playing a fun game everyone in the world is playing. In fact he is probably in better financial shape where if he wanted to, he could return for Halo 6 if he felt the competitive need. OpTic H3cz said he would've left Halo if he didn't care about his players the way the last HWC was.
  11. Good looking out Grim. Great to see you interacting with all communities.
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