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  1. Back in 2009-10 I remember wondering after being involved in MLG for years what life without competitive Halo would be like. Then the disaster that was Reach hit and when MLG dropped the game in 2012 it was thrust upon me and it was easy to move on. I very rarely played or even thought about Halo and figured I never would again. Then MCC was announced and I was pulled back in full force, it felt like 2007 hype levels all over again and literally since the moment of release 343 and all their contracted companies have been a constant disappointment. Just when you think the trough is at its lowest things continually get worse. Yes matches now are excellent and the level of competition is great, but putting up with awful events, horrendous league decision making, awful settings choices, and the laundry list of disrespect shown by 343 just isn't worth it anymore. I don't want to leave but I feel 343 is forcing me (a competitive Halo for for over a decade) out. I hope I'm proven wrong and 2017 is an amazing year for Halo and something happens to suck me right back in full force but it really feels like 343 doesn't want fans like us anymore.
  2. Just wait six days because if Asuka gets hit with the eclipse the most dominant streak since the late 90's ends.
  3. If I woke up at 10am PST and trudged down to a tent in the middle of nowhere to watch FFA I wouldn't be liable for my actions.
  4. Are people really surprised that the venue sucks? ESL has done good work in the past but their handling of Halo has been embarrassing.
  5. Missed the last two hours or so, can someone answer these questions? Thanks! 1. Is winners finals being played tonight? 2. Sounds like after the current LB rounds (NV vs LG and Splyce vs Str8) the LB is done for the day (more of verification on this one) 3. Are they holding off the Splyce/Str8 series as to not have both big LB series going on at the same time? Thanks again!
  6. Oops I had just assumed Splyce beat LG, made an ass of just me. Hey maybe they'll still meet up and then I predict they'll play 7 games!
  7. Winners finals has no business being on Saturday night. Predicting LG and OG to go 7 games.
  8. Audley said no but CP are all a-holes so it isn't difficult to guess.
  9. What's amazing is the event is being held in the least optimal location because that's where the ESL studio is. You'd think since the event is in the middle of nowhere that the least they could do is avoid these issues. I know sometimes these things can't be avoided and nobody's happy about it but jeez it just keeps piling on.
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