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  1. Wut? xboxdvr.com/A%20BROWN%20TROUTT/e32ba70c-a7d0-41d5-917d-2e6135a59644/embed
  2. I really don't get why people care what the maps look like. I only care if they play well. I'd take ugly good playing forge maps over pretty shiny bullshit any day of the week. Unfortunately with 343 you get ugly and poor playing.
  3. My issue is the constant slowness. It's not crisp. Feels like you can't catch your reticle up with a player moving side to side no matter what sensitivity setting you're on. It was fine in the beta. Seriously why does 343 even still exist. Aiming should be number one in a fist person shooter and they've fucked it up badly 2 games straight.
  4. Ok wait, Some say they fixed aiming in this update some say they didn't. I'm 2,400 miles from my Xbox. Is it still wonky?
  5. good to hear. Flying back Thursday and hoping for btb and decent aiming when I get back. Haven't even had a chance to check out the NXOE yet.
  6. So they fix the serious aiming issues yet or nah? Been on my honeymoon for the last week and a half and been out of the loop.
  7. Any mention of fixing what seems to be random slow turn? Feels like sometimes I can't simply turn especially if I'm facing a wall. It's weird as shit.
  8. So this got me Silver 1. I pray for anyone that's Bronze 1.
  9. Fine. Make the pistol 4sk and your primary. Hated pressing Y off spawn in 2001.
  10. This game isn't good. 3flop3/3fail3 strikes again. Maps are a complete clusterfuck. 11 years later and we still need BR starts. How the hell this game ranked me in Platinum 2 is beyond me. Need social arena playlists. Every game mode feels like I'm shooting at ants. Blue floors and walls make being red team in breakout terrible. campaign was way too short and walking around a town to talk to someone should hardly be considered a mission. While campaign felt like a slightly longer version of Spartan Ops.
  11. Any progress on the mobile issue? Browsing this forum is becoming more of a chore than finding a quality match in MCC.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. Seems to do it mostly when I click a link from Twitter. It's rare if I'm browsing the forum while logged in.
  13. Not sure why but I keep getting forced into the App Store to purchase some stupid game I don't want when I attempt to read any articles on this site. It is very annoying. How do I stop this?
  14. I haven't been able to see anyone on my roster since pretty much launch. Every once in a while someone will show. Incredibly frustrating.
  15. I do this almost every game. Pick up controller and accidentally throw a grenade or shoot.
  16. Halo 2 is about all I play. H2A feels like quicksand and makes me wanna punch babies. I occasionally play CE but suck at it.
  17. Noticed it said "from team doubles". I assume that means Team Slayer in ranked H2 still has plasma rifle starts. If so wow.
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