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  1. Ugh. First time getting on TB in months and I see this thread, kills me. CE and SR are my two favorite games of all time. Wish this had gone down when I still had any sort of urge to play video games competitively.
  2. Actually in the right hands she can do pretty well at objective work. If you watch the top PC teams play KOTH they all use two tracers. Personally I did a lot of objective work with her, sure she can't tank it all by herself... But she can get in and out, cause some havoc, and in overtime she can get in the hill quickly to stall for reinforcements. Pretty much any class can counter her. I don't have much problem with Winston, but Hanzo, Widowmaker, Mei, and Soldier all give me trouble.
  3. Her movement is what makes her even close to viable. If she didn't have the movement she'd be completely useless. She has 150 health, and can be 1 shotted by half the characters in the game, and the rest of the characters kill her in about 1-2 seconds if they hit their bullets. I played her a lot and it's all about knowing where the nearest health pack is, and using the 'rewind' function a lot to regain health. A good tracer can do a lot of damage and be pretty annoying, but trust me when I say that you can't ever get caught being sloppy when you're playing Tracer against good players. And the stuns do work, bigtime. In fact I've been halfway through my blink/teleport and been 'sucked' back to where I was before only to be left-triggered.
  4. After watching those videos I couldn't believe SureFour's aim, especially as Tracer... then realize he's being accused of hacking. Same with Taimou from EnvyUs You can see when someone gets rezzed homedude's aim is drawn to the enemy he doesn't want to shoot, twice. One of the big reason I'm happy I've been a console gamer for so long. You don't run into nearly as many cheaters on console games, or at least I haven't in my time. The competitive PC meta is definitely different than I've seen OW played. I'm a pretty solid tracer but in the last couple days of the Beta I was definitely starting to switch classes more. Switching to Reinhardt to push the payload or Bastion to hold a hill. I was pretty impressed by the top pro players ability to play multiple characters for the most part. Different healers were used, different tanks, different compositions, all of the class based shooters I've played pretty much everyone had their main class and it was your job to know how to use that class as best as possible... and simply counter the other classes with your main. Then again, I've never played a game with as many characters as OW has. One thing that I think would really help the game, is for them to make it so that crouch reduces bullet spread. Coming from Shadowrun where crouch firing was huge, one thing I really wish I could do with Tracer/Soldier is crouch for a few seconds just to get a more accurate shot. It'd make tracer a little more dangerous at longer range, but in turn it'd make her easier to hit. I'm looking forward to any information that comes out between now and the release, and in the first few days of the release. The game definitely doesn't have as much 'gunskill' as most shooters and isn't going to be even close to the same league as games like SR... but I had a lot of fun playing the Beta, and with Blizzard supporting it I think it could have a decent competitive scene.
  5. I've never had a problem with Halo 5's aiming, but I do have problems with aiming on OW. Might be because I main Tracer and I move around so much it's hard to keep on my targets.. Notice it mostly in Tracer vs Tracer battles with solid players, aiming for the head is important if you want to win the 1v1s and I'm definitely not used to the aiming in this game yet. I like the game. It definitely needs some different gametypes if it wants to be halfway competitive. TDM and CTF would be fun I think, and smaller maps. I've played class based shooters for years in Shadowrun and Monday Night Combat. This game doesn't seem near as fun, skill based, or competitive as Shadowrun... but it's a lot better than Monday Night Combat. Lots of people compare it to TF2, but I never played it so I can't really say.. I do wish I had a gaming PC so I could play on it... Someday soon I'll have a gaming PC, but I've been a console FPS player for 15 years so why stop now. I'll be playing a decent bit over the next few days, send me a FR if you're on Xbox. GT: The0nlyDeadEye (the 0 is a zero)
  6. Without going into an insane amount of thought. TBH I didn't follow Halo during Reach/4/MCC,. Ogre1 Ogre2 Walshy Zyos Saiyan Darkman Snip3down Pistola Lethul (Insert random EG/CLG name here) Honorable mention: Nistic- Didn't necessarily like him, but he was good, and good at other games other than Halo. Carbon members- Shockwave, Ghandi, Karma.. They took down the Dynasty when no-one else could.
  7. Born in Texas and lived here 21 out of my 30 years... Hate Dr. Pepper, drink Sweet Tea maybe 10 times a year, and I don't drink beer. But yea.. For the most part, you're right.
  8. Seems like this is to notify of their own location, not spot out enemies. The Campaign in Halo 5 had a D-Pad button to 'focus fire' on enemies, so I was a little shocked it wasn't the same in multiplayer. The Shadowrun callout function is great, and would be amazing for Halo. Especially since most people play in parties or skype/discord chat these days. Have someone that's not in game chat or not in your call/party? Press up on the D-Pad when looking at an enemy to call them out to everyone in game, even if they're not in your call. Wouldn't even have to be as complex as the Move/Help/Spotted system in SR, just a simple 'Spotted' callout would be insanely helpful. Plus it would help the newer players or the people who don't play as often learn the callouts of maps. Don't know what a callout is? Press the button and the game will tell you.
  9. Now that Overgrowth doesn't have a shotgun or sword, Strongholds isn't half bad on that map. Riptide is a little worse for strongholds, but playable.. Torque needs 3 changes A) Lighting B)Weapons C) Make it easier to get out of bottom middle and the courtyards/pits I'm not completely against the binary rifle.. However I think putting a beam rifle on a better map than riptide would be good.
  10. Send a friend request to the0nlydeadeye (the 0 is a zero), I'll play
  11. You're right, I am thinking of CE as the 2001-2004 game, honestly I've probably only played it split-screen against pretty terrible players(friends at parties) since H2 dropped. Making me think I should really get the MCC, even if it's getting harder to play competitively in my old age. Thanks to to the early days of the internet, most of what you posted was common knowledge to good CE players. Multiple people getting powerups, grenading powerups down, weapons across maps, those were things that we did every game. I was stoked that the 'Combat Evolved' was back in H5 because I cannot tell you how many hours I spent after school running around maps and simply practicing grenading myself weapons. The only thing in that mega-thread that wasn't something me and my 'teammates' (which were pretty much just my neighborhood friends and my best friend/eventual H2 teammate) regularly practiced was forcing spawns and that strategy. Granted I haven't read all of the specifics of forcing spawns, I get the idea, and that is a huge aspect to the game... it really does add another aspect of strategy to the game. However, that wouldn't work nearly as well or be near as important in 4v4s, where competitive console FPS has always been. I have no doubt that you've played against some really good Shadowrun players, and probably seen your fair share of tournament gameplays, competitive SR involved so much more thought than Halo has ever had IMO. In almost every battle there were tiny little things that you could do that could completely change the course of the fight, for example; Grabbing a troll's minigun/katana and moving it before he's rezzed Gusting bodies away from eachother(or even better, off the map) Gusting bodies closer to eachother for double/triple rezzes Strangling bodies(or doorways, etc) AMGing walls Shooting enemies strategic AMGs Gusting away a rezzer To me there's nothing in Halo that compares to grabbing a troll's minigun before he's rezzed. I did it all the time, especially in scrims, it was something so minuscule that it seemed like it wouldn't even matter... but it could win games. Same with gusting bodies, strangling bodies, AMGing walls.. Especially as an elf, in scrims against top players and bigtime slayers, I put a lot of focus into small things like that... it was stuff that didn't show up on the stats, but stuff that could completely change a match. One of my favorite things to do? Jump up on crane or the ship on Nerve Center, wait for my teammates to call out they had people hurt, and send a gust-nade on a wall-bank into elevator to get 2-3 kills on their tree... Call a push, and 30 seconds later the round is over. That's what I mean by Shadowrun having more complexity. Along with the ability to teleport which is a complete game changer, there were a million different things to do each game that changed the outcome. CE had a good amount of game changing little quirks like are mentioned in that thread, but IMO Shadowrun was still on a different level. Halo is a good FPS, it's a competitive shooter that depends on a good amount of teamwork and gunskill... but Shadowrun was a chess game through and through. Shadowrun is a game that is even more advanced and complex than most PC games, even when watching games like CS:GO and Unreal seem almost boring because there just isn't that complexity that Shadowrun had. I don't know, perhaps I'm just really biased and jaded from years of playing SR competitively and falling inlove with it, I just don't think there's any game that comes close to it.
  12. Me and Teapot differ on this, because I believe Shadowrun is 100% more complex than Halo CE. Don't get me wrong, when I was in highschool I lanned H1 every weekend.. and got kicked out of many of them because apparently using the CE pistol was unfair. A couple times me and my buddies got our parents to drive us 2-3 hours to play at lan tournaments with 6 teams.. I fucking loved the game. However, the comparison I use is Halo is checkers, Shadowrun is chess. Forget about the dozen or so other abilities, and just focus on teleportation... That ability itself made the game on a different level. The maps were built in three dimensions, and the ability to teleport up/down/left/right... even through walls, changes everything. In halo if a team is attacking your base, you throw grenades at the doorway and watch perhaps the 1-2 areas you can be flanked from. It doesn't work like that in Shadowrun. The ability to teleport through walls/floors/ceilings changes everything.. Then throw in all the different abilities, the buy strats, the setups, pushes, etc. etc. etc... Shadowrun is on a completely different level than any Halo could be. (Oh, and BTW... SR was built on the H1 engine.) Haha. I wouldn't admit to many SR people that Shaba took you under his wing. Shadowrun was a very hard game to break into, the learning curve was ridiculous and the private community so dedicated and small that even some people who were good didn't get into privates because they didn't play enough, didn't communicate, or had high latency. I was lucky enough to jump straight from public matches into having a top 5 team, which introduced me to some of the best players in the game, and before long I was getting to team with them. Actually I let my friend borrow my 360 controller, need to get it back so I can pop on SR every once in a while.
  13. I played H1 and H2 in tournaments, but jumped from H2 into Shadowrun where I competed in tournaments for years. I quit playing SR competitively when it got to the point where even the people playing privates every day refused to make teams and try to compete. Tried playing H3, tried several other games, but no game on console comes close to Shadowrun, and I seriously doubt any game as complex and skill-based as Shadowrun will ever make it big in the FPS world. H5 is a good game, has some skill involved, and the weapons are balanced(except for storm-rifle)... It's fun and competitive, but you have to take it at face value. If you played Shadowrun in 2007-2010, no console shooter will ever come close to that. Trust me.. I know what you're feeling. Shadowrun ruins other shooters for ever, you just have to either stick with it.. Or try to forget how much every other game sucks compared to it.
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